Golf News for Monday, December 19, 2005 | Equipment

Maruman introduces new Metabio drivers, woods and irons

TEMECULA, Calif. -- The Pacific Rim’s leading name in ultra-premium golf equipment, Maruman Golf announces the introduction of its complete Metabio line to the North American market. Released earlier this year into Asia, the new-to-America driver, woods and irons have already earned a well-respected reputation for producing straight shots with an ideal trajectory over long distances.

“Maruman Golf is a true leader in state-of-the-art golf technology, and we’re very excited to bring the new, Metabio line to golfers in the United States and North America,” says Mike Matheny, president of Maruman Golf USA, North America’s exclusive distributor for Maruman Golf’s ultra-premium line of golf equipment. “Our customers have always said that no other clubs play as easily as Maruman, and the new Metabio line provides a refreshingly solid performance.”

The Metabio driver (430cc) features a 6-4 Titanium body with twin tungsten inserts mounted on the side of the head and the sole to give a square impact and produce straighter drives. Shot straightness has been greatly increased, while the driver’s low and deep center of gravity results in an optimum initial launch angle and spin. The Metabio driver is also designed with a deep and low center of gravity that provides a high and stable initial launch angle and optimum spin. Plus, the Metabio’s plasma-welded, 2.6mm TVC titanium forged face plate narrows to 0.9mm at the top and provides an extremely high repulsion performance which conforms to U.S. Golf Association Rules of Golf. Maruman Metabio drivers are available in 10-degree and 11-degree lofts and 44.75 inches in length.

The Metabio fairway woods use high-strength Maraging 200 Steel for a thinner body and face design, resulting in enhanced repulsion performance and a greater moment of inertia. The Maraging 200 head provides an ease in hitting with a large sweet spot, and the high repulsion produces a solid hitting sound and feel. In addition, the Metabio woods are designed with a low and deep center of gravity that creates optimum spin on the ball and a high trajectory so the green can be achieved with confidence. Fairway woods are available in 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-woods with lofts of 15-, 18-, 21- and 24-degrees respectively.

The Metabio irons feature a thin, 2mm oval plate of maraging steel that provides extremely high repulsion and delivers shots that fly high and far, then easily stop. The club face is precision-welded with lasers and the plate’s oval configuration offers a deep and low center of gravity and produces high trajectory hits, even with strong loft. The Metabio irons are also appealing at address, and the irons include a Maruman sole design that allows for an easy swing through. Metabio irons are available in 3-iron (20°) through 9-iron (38°), PW, AW and SW.

Metabio drivers and woods are assembled with the Asterism SS-50 graphite shaft, a supple and tenacious double-bending shaft that transmits a real sense of acceleration in the head. Metabio irons are available with either the Asterism SS-50 graphite shaft, or the Maruman NS950GH steel shaft that swings more firmly. Flex options throughout the line include Regular, Stiff and Stiff-Regular. MSRP for the Maruman Metabio line is $600 for drivers; $305 for fairway woods; and $2,005 per set of irons with graphite shafts; $1,825 per set of irons with steel shafts.

For more information or for a list of North American dealers for ultra-premium Maruman Golf woods, irons and putters, please call or 951.676.7323 or visit

Headquartered in Temecula, Calif., Maruman Golf USA Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Maruman Golf products in North America. Maruman Golf is Japan’s leading manufacturer for ultra-premium woods, irons and putters. For more information about Maruman Golf products, call or 951.676.7323 or visit