Golf News for Monday, October 31, 2005 | Others

Eidolon partners with FedEx for new discount shipping program

PORT O’CONNOR, Texas -- Well-known for its innovative and award-winning V-SOLE® wedges, Eidolon Golf proudly announces a new partnership with FedEx that offers golfers and clubmakers more individual flexibility and control in shipping, as well as dramatic savings.

The new agreement ensures that all domestic and international orders for Eidolon wedges will be shipped via FedEx, and that Eidolon customers receive discounts of up to 40 percent and a level of delivery service unparalleled among web-oriented golf club companies.

One of the most exciting benefits of the new shipping program is that Eidolon’s order processing software directly links with FedEx to allow Eidolon customers to see the actual costs of shipping options — Ground, 2nd-Day or Overnight — before finalizing an order. Plus, customers pay only the actual FedEx charges based on Eidolon’s special pricing structure, which features discounts up to 40 percent from FedEx’s published rates.

“Our new shipping software links directly with the FedEx web site, so customers can compare the actual cost of their shipping options before finalizing their orders,” says Terry Koehler, president of Eidolon Golf and former Ben Hogan executive. “This system is completely transparent for consumers. Unlike other Internet-based golf club companies — some of whom charge up to $19.95 to ship a single club — we do not tack on additional costs or fees for ‘handling.’ Our customers pay only the actual FedEx charges for their shipment.”

Eidolon’s V-SOLE™ wedges have initiated a design revolution in high-performance wedges, offering more spin, more control and extreme versatility and playability. With patented V-SOLE Technology, the leading edge of the wedge’s sole — about one-quarter of an inch — features an aggressive bounce (18 degrees bounce on the 52-degree lofted wedge, 30 degrees bounce on the 56 wedge, and 25 degrees of bounce on the 60-degree wedge) that ensures that the leading edge never digs into the turf. The primary rear portion of the sole features minimal bounce — three degrees on the 52 gap wedge, seven degrees on the 56 mid- wedge and six degrees on the 60 lob wedge — to provide tight lie playability. In addition, Eidolon painstakingly CNC-mills every individual groove and wedge face, a revolutionary extra step that goes far beyond most mass-produced wedges. The extra milling achieves nearly 100 percent of the groove specifications allowed by the U.S. Golf Association, as compared with as low as 60 to 70 percent groove measurements that are common to standard production wedges.

Eidolon Golf’s V-SOLE wedges are available in 52-degree, 56-degree and 60-degree RH and LH models for $129.00 and are sold exclusively through For more information, please visit, or call 361.983.4691.

Eidolon Golf designs and manufactures premium golf wedges about which the Golf Club Review reports as having “enormous stopping power.” Headquartered in Port O’Connor (Texas) and with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Houston, Eidolon Golf produces the only wedges in golf that feature the patented V-SOLE™ Technology. For more information about Eidolon Golf, please visit