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William K. Wolfrum: From now on, it's Mi-Wie

Having seen the leggy rara avis that is Heather McMichael comment that nothing may be deemed a golf blog without two mentions of Michelle Wie, I realized some important things.

First of all, trust me on this, be happy that Chris Baldwin is fixated on Michelle Wie (that made my quota). If it wasn't for her, he'd be writing about his laundry, an electric bill that seemed slightly higher than normal, his favorite cereal (Frosted Flakes, extra sugar), etc. Seriously, talk to the guy on the phone, you'll want to gnaw your arm off to escape.

More importantly, however, I realized that all this "Michelle Wie" stuff is nonsense. This is the era of the hyphenated abbreviation, people! From here on out, I deem that Michelle Wie be known by just one name.


I'm willing to even go with "Mi-Wi" but I think that might be pushing it.


Yeah, too arrogant.


Oh, this is going to be big. I can see this catching on immediately. And the best part is, she's just 16. We have until about the year 2100 or so to listen to it. C'mon, say it, just once. You'll never go back to the old way.


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