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Jennifer Mario: Michelle Wie goes pro, women's golf benefits

It’s like I tell my kids: it’s no fun getting shots, but in the long run you’re better off. They tend not to believe me about that second part.

This week, Michelle Wie made the long-awaited announcement that she’s turning pro. Her first tourney will be the Samsung World Championship, Oct. 13-16. After that, the Casio World Open in Japan, Nov. 24-27. She’ll be Miss Global Golfer, following exemptions wherever they might lead, playing against men and women alike with a constant eye on her long-term goal of competing in the Masters.

So how does the mouthpiece of women’s golf feel about Wie’s chosen path? Let’s listen in.

Nancy Lopez: “It's a little insulting. I feel she should beat Annika Sorenstam before she even tries to play against the men.”

Um, you mean like at the Evian Masters, when Annika finished 12th, and Michelle tied for second? Or at the Women’s British Open, when Annika ended up T5, and Michelle finished T3?

Basically, Nancy is saying that even though Michelle’s not eligible to join the LPGA for another two years, she should only play with the women. I wonder which women Nancy is referring to.

I wish someone would explain to Nancy and the rest of the Wie-Naysayers that what Michelle is doing is GOOD for women’s golf, and golf in general. Men who never gave a rat’s ass about women’s golf might actually tune in to an event now and then. Women who swear golf is a waste of time might find her story intriguing enough to give it a chance. And last but certainly not least, little girls everywhere will see what she’s doing and realize that male or female, they should always aim to be the best.

Michelle Wie is the shot in the arm that women’s golf has needed for years. But no one likes to get a shot, do they?

I’ll leave you with a quote from reader Jim Coulthard: "PGA and LPGA on at the same time. What would I watch? In most cases neither--but if Michelle Wie is playing I'll watch the tournament Michelle Wie is playing. And there are a lot of people like me."

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