Golf News for Monday, October 10, 2005 | Equipment

Nike Golf launches SasQuatch Fairway Metals

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Biggest Footprint in golf, the new Nike Golf SasQuatch (SQ) Driver, has some yellow tracks following in its footsteps, Nike Golf's new SasQuatch (SQ) Fairway Metals.

These new Fairway Metals feature the same brilliant SasQuatch geometry as the recently-announced driver - and the yellow tracks of the visually distinctive head design and yellow sole design continue to spread on the PGA Tour as some of Nike Golf's Tour Staff begin to add the SasQuatch Fairway Metals to their bags, alongside the SQ Driver.

Nike SasQuatch Fairway Metal - Sole View
Nike SasQuatch Fairway Metal - Toe View
Nike SasQuatch Fairway Metal - Top View
Nike SasQuatch Fairway Metal - Face View

The SQ Fairway Metals incorporate Nike Golf's revolutionary new geometry with PowerBow technology that makes it easier for golfers to hit longer and straighter shots. The new SasQuatch geometry moves the center of gravity (CG) lower and farther back than the traditional fairway metal. The CG location is lower than the equator of the golf ball making it easier to hit the ball in the air for distance and accuracy.

To lower the CG, the SQ Fairway Metals feature a shallower face and head profile. These elements enable golfers to produce a higher launch, create lower spin and generate maximum distance. Nike Golf engineers have saved 11 grams of weight thanks to the thin, strong, forgiveness-enhancing cold-rolled Custom 455 stainless steel used in the clubface. All of this combines to enhance perimeter weighting and increase the Moment of Inertia, which helps resist clubhead twisting on impact.

The steel shaft is the Speed Step Light/Constant Weight Steel Shaft by True Temper. Its unique high-strength alloy makes this steel shaft 30% lighter than traditional steel shafts for increased clubhead speed and distance. The Speed Step shaft also incorporates a soft tip profile to promote higher ball flight.

The graphite shaft is the Diamana Shaft for SasQuatch by Mitsubishi Rayon, a high-performance golf shaft built for a blend of power and stability. This shaft is lightweight and has an optimized tip profile for distance and accuracy.

The Nike SasQuatch Fairway Metal will be available from November 1, 2005 at golf shops in the US.

* 3+/13° RH & LH
* 3/15° RH & LH
* 4/17° RH & LH
* 5/19° RH & LH
* 7/21° RH

Graphite: X,S,R,A
Steel: X,S,R.

* 3/15° RH & LH
* 4/17° RH & LH
* 5/19° RH & LH
* 7/21° RH

Graphite: W

SRP: US$215 Steel
SRP: US$239 Graphite