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Chris Baldwin: Wie Warriors show little grasp of reality with bet

No one ever accused the Michelle Wie-Can-Walk-On-Water (but not win a golf tournament) Nincompoops of holding a firm grip on reality, but message board poster Jim Nugent is delivering us to a new level of lunacy. Where's that 15-year-old high school kid poster who's convinced he's destined to date Michelle Wie one day when you need him?

If you want to throw your money around at least come up with a bet that actually ties in to the point: Paula Creamer better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie. This will be measured by the number of tournaments each wins over their respective careers, especially majors.

Who cares if Michelle Wie wins a tournament at a younger age than Paula Creamer did? Creamer hasn't been a pro in everything but official status since age 15. She happened to be 18/19 during her first extended run in pro golf. If Wie still can't win a single event by 18, you might want to send her that $1,000 for a rainy endorsements-expired future day, Mr. Nugent. She will have essentially been a pro for four years at that point.

Paula Creamer has already won two LPGA events in her first year as a pro. You're not even willing to bet that Wie will better that next season? Oh you Wie Warriors of little faith.

No one will wonder who's the better golfer between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson when they retire. Just as no one will wonder who is the better golfer between Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie when they retire. All anyone will have to do is look at all of Creamer's wins and all of Wie's hype.

You think Michelle Wie could win one tournament by the year 2008, Nugent? How many career wins will Paula Creamer have by then? Nine, ten, 11 easy. Good luck to Wie ever catching up to Creamer then.

And it's no wonder Managing Editor Mark Nessmith thinks you're brilliant, Nugent. Nessmith is our resident sap, a guy who's forcing his wife to watch Sleepless in Seattle over and over again, not the other way around. Nessmith is's Saint of Idiotic Causes.

Calls my bluff? More like attacks my funny bone. You were trying to make me laugh right, bet boy. Please tell me you were just trying to make everyone laugh.

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