Golf News for Tuesday, September 27, 2005 | Instruction

California's Golf Made Simple welcomes Canadian golfers

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Canadian golf travel season is now officially upon us. The cool crisp Canadian air marks the beginning of the yearly migration to California for golf and golf schools. This year the sluggish U.S. dollar has greatly improved the exchange rates between the neighboring countries – in fact they are the best that they’ve been in five years.

“Golf Made Simple remembers that only a few years ago our Canadian students were paying $1.60 for every dollar they spent on improving their golf game,” says Marc Solomon, PGA pro and founder of Golf Made Simple. “We’ve always felt it was unfair that a Canadian Dollar was worth 63 cents in the States. With rates that have improved dramatically this year, there is no better time to visit us in California. Hopefully, one day soon there will be no exchange differential between the U.S. and Canadian dollar.”

Canadian golfers and travelers can now enjoy world class golf instruction at more affordable prices in sunny California. “We have already received more inquiries from Canadians this year than ever before and that’s saying something when you consider that last year we received over 800 inquires from Canadian golfers” says Solomon. “There’s a huge boom in the Canada to California golf industry. We’re seeing a lot of growth. We have so many students from British Columbia and Alberta, especially from Vancouver and Calgary. I feel lucky to have made special connections with our Canadian students and friends (like Rick Anderson from Vancouver, see below) who’ve come down to see us. I would say, with the risk of sounding stereotypical, that Canadian golfers are some of the most devoted golfers that we see!”

“My golf game is going well. My best score before seeing you in the spring was a 102. I got a 94 yesterday in the pouring rain. I feel much more confident with my game and know with more practice and play I will get through 90. I feel your instruction really helped me. One of the biggest things that has helped me were the tempo lessons (TIC-TOC). Also, the shorter back swing has resulted in much more consistent ball sticking. I rarely hit the ball to the right any more. If I do hit a bad shot, I know how to correct it. I also have found the putting techniques with the shorter back swing and more follow through to be invaluable. My buddies are 3 putting and I rarely miss within 5 feet. So things are looking good and most importantly I am enjoying myself on the golf course.”
- Rick Anderson, Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s Simple
The philosophy of Golf Made Simple is what you would expect- simple. Prior to Golf Made Simple, most golfers have 13 different swings for the 13 woods and irons in their bag, which is complicated to keep consistent. When each Golf Made Simple student returns home to practice the skills they learned on the course, they have one swing for those same 13 clubs. “92% of golfers who come to Golf Made Simple looking to break 90 for the first time have been successful in reaching their goal!” The nationally recognized PGA professional, Marc Solomon and his staff, lead four person classes for a customized experience. Students can take 3, 5 and 7-day classes in St. Augustine, FL, Amelia Island, FL and Santa Barbara, CA. Their Instructor For Life program guarantees that each student can always contact their instructor for free customized advice, tips, drills and exercises - for life. It’s Golf Made Simple.

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