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E21 released its new scandium metal allow driver

IRVINE, CA and TORONTO -- Element 21 Golf Company (E21) (OTC BB: EGLF) introduced its new scandium metal alloy driver to New York City and the world on the "Clubhouse Radio Show" hosted by PGA professional Brian Crowell Tuesday night.

Howard Butler of Golf Science Consultants, and E21's club designer, explained to the listening audience how they used an "Equivalent Mass System Technology" to computer model and optimize the club heads performance. Utilizing a "Balanced Inertia Concept" developed by GSC they were able to optimize the bulge and roll characteristics of the club face producing a club head that will actually bring the ball back to the target line on heel and toe shots. Howard's interview can be heard at Tooling for commercial production of the drivers is well underway and prototype clubs are now being shown to industry insiders and undergoing final optimization.

The scandium metal alloy club offers a number of benefits to both professional and amateur golfers. Scandium is 55% lighter and 25% stronger than titanium alloys. The weight advantage increases to 75% when compared to stainless steel. This improved strength-to-weight ratio allows for greater freedom to strategically move weight from the face of the club to the perimeter and back of the club resulting in the largest sweet spot of any driver on the market.

The club will be instantly recognizable due to its unique design features that include a louvered effect on the crown plate of the club. This creates a corrugated effect providing additional strength to the clubhead design and allows more freedom to move weight to strategic points within the sole of the clubhead to improve distance and accuracy. As with any object moving at high speed, Louvers provide aerodynamic stabilization benefits. A preview of the new clubhead design is available at

The E21 driver has one of the largest face areas of any driver on the market and because the head and shaft are both made of the same patented scandium alloy, you are assured of an unprecedented "True Contact Signature" at impact with the ball. The energy passes from the head to the shaft at the same frequency providing the golfer with a fully "harmonized" golf club. Shots are consistent both "off the centerline" and "along the centerline" giving the golfer a very tight, concise landing pattern. This means greater control and repeatability. The scandium alloy club head also creates less ball spin at the point of impact for greater distance.

Advanced proprietary software was used to optimize the head design including bulge and roll and the center of gravity. Additional software was then used to optimize the performance of the clubhead to E21's unique scandium metal alloy shafts. A number of patents on the special design features of the club have been filed.

Importantly, scandium provides unprecedented "feel" from the club, providing excellent feedback to the player as the ball is struck. J. Howard Butler, President of Golf Science Consultants (GSC), has the following to say about the new E21 driver: "GSC spent hundreds of hours of computer time using its proprietary Enhanced Performance Integration Code (EPIC) to design the 'Perfect' driver head. EPIC optimizes the dispersion performance of a golf club head using a computer emulation of 256 hits on the clubface. The head inertias, center of gravity and face bulge and roll are determined to absolutely minimize dispersion for off-center hits. The E21 driver incorporates the most 'forgiving' design and maximum distance of any driver GSC has designed or analyzed. The result is a driver that will allow the average hitter to consistently play off the tee with the 'Big Boys.'"

The E21 driver's scandium metal alloy shafts are by themselves noteworthy. They are superior in every respect to graphite and stainless steel shafts. Scandium's inherent metallurgical properties combined with a proprietary 25-step seamless production process results in a shaft that is nearly perfectly symmetrical, unlike graphite and stainless steel shafts. Unknown to many, steel shafts are welded creating a seam or spine not visible to the eye. The difference in the tube wall thickness at the point of welding creates an imbalance, which affects the consistency of shots. Similarly, the production process for graphite shafts also results in inconsistencies through the shaft with similar associated problems. Scandium provides greater accuracy and improved consistency from club to club.

The company has developed a shock absorbing system under the trademark ShockBlok™ which redirects shaft vibration back into the club head generating an added energy kick for extra distance and reducing the amount of vibration transfer to the player's hands. This can significantly reduce fatigue during the course of the day, as well as reduce the incidence of shock related injury over the long-term.

Test results to date have significantly exceeded the expectations of E21's team of engineers. Informal feedback from those lucky enough to have put their hands on one of the prototype drivers is overwhelmingly positive. One such industry insider is Chris Kim, former Mini Tour Player and Nationwide Tour participant, "I found that the E21 scandium driver with the E21 scandium shaft provided the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball that I have ever experienced. It required less effort in the swing to achieve the same or greater distance than with other clubs that I have hit. In most clubs much of the energy is lost during the downswing so you swing harder to compensate. The greater transfer of energy resulted in much more consistency and accuracy in my shots."

Dr. Nataliya Hearn, president and CEO of Element 21 Golf, stated: "We are very proud of the final product. The E21 driver showcases the best aspects of our proprietary scandium metal alloy. Rather then simply taking a conservative approach to head design, we have pushed the envelope with these innovative new design features to maximize the full benefits of working with scandium, while observing all of the applicable USGA rules. We wanted to create a competitive product, not an unfair advantage. The scandium metal alloy driver will deliver increased distance, improved accuracy, unparalleled consistency from shot to shot and unrivaled feel for today's player. We are going to take a lot of people by surprise, and will continue to aggressively introduce new scandium-based products into the retail marketplace."

Element 21 Golf expects initial inventories of the drivers to be available in October 2005. The suggested retail price of these innovative new drivers is $599.00, but to celebrate the introduction of probably the finest golf driver ever built we are offering the initial limited production drivers for the significantly reduced price of $421.00. To get on the reservation list to purchase one of the initial production drivers you can call (800) 710-2021 PST or (416) 362-2121 EST.

About Element 21
Element 21 is relying on its experience working with advanced scandium metal alloys to introduce this unique space-age material to the golf industry. Scandium alloys were originally developed for applications in aeronautics; MiG series fighter jets and leading-edge missile applications, as well as the International Space Station.

Scandium metal alloy clubs represents the first new innovation in material composition of golf clubs to hit the industry in decades. Scandium not only provides significant increases in distance, but more importantly, added accuracy and consistency. Due to their advanced composition, coupled with numerous design innovations, these clubs will offer improved feel while reducing shock transfer to the player's hands.

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