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DeFeet Golf unveils high performance sock line

SAN MARCOS, Calif. -- A high-tech, high-performance product with unprecedented success in the Tour de France is coming to the golf industry. DeFeet Golf, a division of Global Tour Golf, has unveiled the DeFeet High Performance Sock line, a lightweight, highly ventilated golf sock, featuring proprietary technology designed to provide enhanced comfort and maximum durability. Currently worn by more than 70 golfers on the PGA TOUR, DeFeet’s “AirEator Vapor Zone” technology has been used by 13 of the last 14 Tour de France winners.

DeFeet, a brand established in 1992, revolutionized cycling apparel with the original Aireator® sock. Today, DeFeet is widely recognized for setting the standard in the design and development of high performance socks for the Cycling Industry. In bringing the DeFeet sock technology to golf, DeFeet Golf has been testing the product among professionals, with more than 70 players now outfitted on the PGA TOUR.

“As we do not pay PGA TOUR players to wear our socks, it speaks volumes to the performance characteristics of this product to have so many of the world’s best golfers wearing the DeFeet brand,” said Craig Pollard, President, DeFeet Golf. “We are very excited to now introduce DeFeet socks to golfers at all levels.”

The DeFeet High Performance Sock is an anti-bacterial sock constructed with an AirEator® Vapor Zone, a mesh weave that travels all the way around the sock to aid airflow and moisture transfer, for enhanced breathability and great moisture management. The unique weave keeps feet dry and comfortable across a range of temperatures. This, combined with precisely located, super lightweight Cush padding, ensures peak performance and helps relieve pounding on feet.

Additional features include En Duro Skin™ construction, which incorporates the finest merino wools and polyester to reinforce the external heel and toe puncture areas, for unmatched durability. This, along with DeFeet’s unique Sole2™ System, allows the sock to be extra durable, by transporting moisture and enabling the wicking and durability to co-exist.

Further, DeFeet Golf Socks, which are the only socks in the world that come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, feature a holographic cuff, offering a secure, durable, and dynamic fit, while accentuating the graphic designs as the cuff stretches.

DeFeet Golf Socks are available in a variety of sizes, lengths (low, quarter and full), designs and colors for both men and women. Suggested Retail Price is $12.00 per pair and can be purchased at, or by calling 800-757-7453. DeFeet Golf Socks are also available at golf shops nationwide, including green grass, off-course and golf specialty shops.

Vista, CA- based, DeFeet Golf, a division of Global Tour Golf, supervises the development and distribution of all DeFeet branded golf socks. DeFeet has been a leader in providing high performance socks and apparel to pro cyclists, military troops and outdoor athletes since the launch of the revolutionary Aireator sock in 1992. Since then, the DeFeet brand has been worn by top athletes in a variety of sports, including the 13 of the past 14 winners of the Tour de France.

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