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Jonas Software set to release Microsoft SQL Version of its Enterprise Solution

TORONTO -- Jonas Software has developed a version of its Club Management software product that is built on Microsoft SQL technology.

Jonas clients who feel the need to implement a SQL database at their location will have the ability to migrate their existing Jonas Club Management database while keeping all of the features in their current software version. "While many of our clients do not need this type of database structure, some of our larger clients have requested this technology," said John Billowits, President of Jonas' Club Division. Billowits continued to say "We are committed to meeting our clients' needs as stated in our 'Software for Life' policy and will continue to develop and enhance our software offerings to ensure that future migration paths are available for all clients."

Many Jonas clients who currently use the enterprise software will not need to switch to a SQL database. This new offering is specifically focused on the larger clubs with high member counts and an extremely large number of daily transactions. Both of these characteristics play a key role in the enormous size of their databases, and legitimize the usage of SQL, a robust database structure adopted by Microsoft.

With Jonas' recently awarded Certified Microsoft Partner status, they are now able to provide licenses of Microsoft's SQL program, which Microsoft Corporation requires. In addition, this partnership also allows Jonas to have new versions of their programs, such as the SQL Upgrade, tested and certified by Microsoft for compatibility.

Steve Ecclestone, Vice President of Product Management, explains "As the leading software developer to the private club industry, it is critical that we not only continue to develop new programs and enhanced features in our software, but also ensure that our software integration includes the Microsoft Suite of tools heavily relied upon in many types of business situations. Through our Microsoft certification, we can ensure that our technology is thoroughly tested for stability and compatibility prior to any client release."

Currently in limited distribution, the SQL version of Jonas will be available for clubs to purchase or convert to in January 2006. New clubs will have the choice between either version, while existing clubs, if desired, will be able to convert their data.

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