Golf News for Monday, June 20, 2005 | Daily Golf Blogs

Retief Goosen done as a major player after his U.S. Open meltdown at Pinehurst No. 2

Do you think Retief Goosen started believing the press clippings about him holding the pulse rate of a cadaver under pressure?

For Goosen seemed more shocked than anyone at his Greg Normanesque implosion at Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday. It was like the Goose figured he only had to show up and the calm putts would follow.'s own Goosen ogling Jennifer Mario wasn't the only one heartbroken by Retief's meltdown. For the run of one of golf's seemingly genuinely good guys is over.

Goosen is done as a major player. He already stood as golf's version of clay court specialist, capable of winning one major and one major only: The U.S. Open. Now even that's forever beyond his shaky grasp.

There are collapses and there are historic collapses. You don't recover from historic collapses. Check out Greg Norman's record after his last and most spectacular Masters' flameout. Goosen hit the historic zone at Pinehurst No. 2.

Nice knowing you, Retief.

Maybe he'll contend in a Memorial or a Booz Allen Classic someday. But you won't be hearing from Retief Goosen at the majors anymore.

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