Golf News for Tuesday, May 10, 2005 | Products

Rich Beem selects SofTrak Synthetic Putting Greens

(WICHITA, Kansas) – VersaSport International, LLC, exclusive supplier of SofTrak® Synthetic Putting Greens (“SofTrak®”) – the high-performance, low-maintenance turf for residential and commercial use that closely simulates the look and feel of natural grass greens – announces it has designed and constructed a SofTrak green in the backyard of Rich Beem, a multiple-time winner on the PGA TOUR, including the 2002 PGA Championship.

Beem's undulating SofTrak green – which is located at his new home in Austin, Texas – is 1,650 square feet, has multiple cups cut into its undulating and tiered surface, and is surrounded by fringe and several mature, towering hardwood trees.

“The SofTrak green is even better than I had imagined,” says Beem, who finished second to Phil Mickelson in a four-hole playoff at the BellSouth Classic last month. “SofTrak is much more impressive than the green I had at my previous home in Las Cruces, which was made by another company. I had no idea that synthetic greens could look and perform this real.”

SofTrak’s aesthetic appeal and realistic performance are a result of its sophisticated design-and-construction process and the requirement that all SofTrak installers be trained and certified. The process includes two layers of crushed stone base, which enables undulations and contours to be sculpted into greens, as well as quick, thorough water drainage.

SofTrak’s proprietary RQS in-fill material is unique to the industry in that it resists hardening over time, ensures it provides consistent-rolling putts, and it “holds” shots from as far as 150 yards away. The surface fibers of SofTrak greens are UV-ray resistant to help maintain their lush, green appearance.

'Mr. Beem is one of the world’s best players, so for him to select SofTrak for his personal use is extremely gratifying,' says Danny Little, CEO of VersaSport International, LLC (1.800.540.4899; ).

Research shows that people are increasingly looking for ways to enjoy their downtime at their homes. SofTrak® dealers can build homeowners a virtual country club in their backyard that provides high performance characteristics for the avid golfers, but versatility, fun and competition for family and friends to enjoy.

In addition to the news of Mr. Beem choosing SofTrak for his home, VersaSport is also offering golfers the chance to enter the “Play with a PGA TOUR Pro” drawing. Contestants can enter by going to and clicking on the flashing “Play with a PGA TOUR Pro” link on the home page.

The grand prize winner gets an expenses-paid trip for two to the Dallas area for a round of golf with Bruce Lietzke. Mr. Lietzke has won more than 20 times on the PGA and Champions tours, including the 2003 U.S. Senior Open. Mr. Lietzke owns and practices on a SofTrak® green in the comfort and convenience of the backyard of his home near Dallas.

“I’ve been extremely pleased with my SofTrak® green,” says Mr. Lietzke. “It not only accepts shots and spins them, but it looks great, is easy to maintain and my family and friends like to use it too,' says Lietzke. “My SofTrak® green is so good I tell my friends on the TOUR about it, and now I’m excited to tell all golfers about it through the ‘Play with a PGA TOUR Pro Giveaway’ contest.'

Anyone can enter to win the expenses paid trip and day of golf with Mr. Lietzke at the Tribute Golf Course – one of the world's greatest golf courses as rated by Golf Digest magazine - which features holes patterned after some of the world’s most famous and challenging Scottish links courses.

There are no requirements to enter. No purchase is necessary to win. However, entrants can gain additional entries into a separate drawing by visiting a SofTrak® green with a SofTrak® dealer or by purchasing a SofTrak® green.

In addition to chances to win the “Play with a PGA TOUR Pro Giveaway” top prize, contest entrants have a chance to win equipment, including drivers, wedges and putters.
Prospective customers can view and test a demonstration SofTrak® green upon request by calling 1-800-540-4899 or visiting

About SofTrak® Putting Greens:
Exclusively supplied by VersaSport International, LLC, of Wichita, Kansas, SofTrak®’s cutting-edge construction process includes laying down two layers of crushed stone base, which enables undulations and contours to be designed into the green as well as quick, thorough drainage of water.

SofTrak®’s proprietary RQS in-fill – a sand-like material that is unique to the industry in that it resists hardening over time – is used to top-dress the fine, dense turf blades and ensures SofTrak® greens provide consistent-rolling putts and accept shots into greens from as far as 150 yards. Also, the surface fibers of SofTrak® greens are UV-ray resistant to help maintain the lush, green appearance.

In addition to thousands of homeowners nationwide, numerous commercial businesses are having SofTrak® greens built at their venues as an amenity to their core business – from retirement communities and Bed & Breakfasts to golf course practice facilities and condominium complexes. SofTrak® greens are even being used to replace real bentgrass greens on regulation golf courses.

SofTrak® greens can be financed and cost $15 per square foot on average. They cost a fraction of natural turf greens without the maintenance headaches and expenses (diseased greens, chemical applications, specialized mowing equipment, etc.).

For more information about SofTrak® visit or call 1-800-540-4899.