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Sonartec hybrid named

Carlsbad, California - Sonartec Golf's popular Md Hybrid Transition Club was named the "landslide winner" among hybrids as the "Tester's Top Choice" in Golf Magazine's annual Club Test. The 2005 Club Test is published in the May 2005 issue, which is just hitting the newsstands. There were a total of twelve hybrid clubs included in the testing, which was performed by a panel of 40 golfers with handicaps ranging from 1-20.

Sonartec topped the list with 24 "tester's choice" picks, collecting an overwhelming 14 first place votes, six of which came from golfers with handicaps of 15 or higher. The Sonartec Md, which has taken the #1 hybrid club count on several PGA tour events, has been considered by many to be a "player's club", but the number of high-handicappers choosing the Md as their top choice is significant because it proves the Md is well suited to golfers of all skill levels. None of the other hybrids tested garnered more than six first place votes.

"As the testers suggested, the Md is adaptable to golfers of all skill levels," said Sonartec Marketing Coordinator Jamie Hoyle. "While the Md is extremely popular with the PGA Tour professionals, one clearly does not have to be a scratch golfer to get maximum performance from the Md."

Sonartec Md Hybrid wins top pick

Testers raved about the Md in their comments, saying its feel was "addictive", and "soft and buttery." They also praised the "softer-than-normal impact" of the Md, saying it was "as close to a persimmon feel as there is." Other testers praised the penetrating ball flight and "excellent forgiveness" with "remarkable ability to compensate for off-center hits", with one tester stating the Md was "one of the straightest hitting clubs I've played."

"The key to the Md's performance and forgiveness is the Driving Cavity" said Sonartec Vice President, Jim Uno. "Most Hybrids move the center of gravity low to help get the ball airborne, but lose power and performance. The Driving Cavity raises the Center of Gravity in line with the impact point of the ball, maximizing power transfer. The Driving Cavity also distributes weight to the heel and toe, making it more forgiving on miss-hits."

The hybrid club is the fastest growing product category in golf, and the Sonartec Md's demand has been exploding since its introduction early 2004. Already one of Sonartec's most popular models, the Md got tremendous notoriety when the 2004 British Open Champion used the Sonartec Md for his famous chip shot to set up the winning putt of the Championship in the final playoff hole. "Our sales have been phenomenal" says Uno. The Golf Magazine club test results should add more fuel to the already raging fire of demand. "Our phones have been ringing off the hook already. I can only imagine the impact that this honor will have as we go into the prime selling season."

Sonartec is a Carlsbad, California based fairway wood specialist. Sonartec, best known for its high performance fairway woods, quickly became the third-most played fairway wood brand on the PGA Tour. The company has an almost cult-like following among golf professionals and top amateurs. In its first full year on the PGA Tour, the Md quickly became Sonartec's most popular model with the Tour professionals. The Md accounted for more than one-third of the 1231 Sonartec clubs played on the PGA Tour in 2004, a count which has already increased by more than 75% in 2005. For more information on the Md, Sonartec and the rest of their products, visit

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