Golf News for Wednesday, April 20, 2005 | Equipment

Element 21 Golf introduces aerospace scandium technology to golfers

IRVINE, CA - Element 21 Golf Company (E21) (OTC BB: EGLF.OB) has taken a major step in the introduction of their revolutionary new material - Scandium - to the golf industry. E21 recently announced that they have signed an agreement with The GolfWorks for the sale of their Scandium E21 Metal shafts for irons, utility clubs and wedges. In addition, Element 21’s Eagle One Scandium Technology shafts will be featured on the front cover of the upcoming May 2005 GolfWorks catalog.
“We are very excited about our new agreement with The GolfWorks” commented E21’s President and CEO Nataliya Hearn, Ph.D., P.E. “Since the PGA Show we’ve had many articles written about this new technology we’ve introduced to the golf industry…it’s created quite a “buzz”. The GolfWorks is the perfect place to begin offering our Scandium Technology shafts to golfers and clubmakers nationwide. This program with The GolfWorks and our new retail sales initiatives with the Duran Group are quickly propelling us into a fully operational golf company.”
GolfWorks, founded by Ralph Maltby in 1976 is the golf industry’s most complete source for golf club components, clubmaking tools and supplies and technical information. Located in Newark, Ohio, the GolfWorks has been providing clubmakers and other golf equipment experts with a complete complement of proprietary club head designs full selection of brand name shafts and grips for more than 25 years.
E21’s agreement with The GolfWorks provides clubmakers and golf enthusiasts nationwide exclusive first time access to Scandium golf equipment. The GolfWork’s audience is the first to try new technologies and is considered an ideal conduit of information to the larger golf community.
Scandium sports equipment has already proven to be a billion dollar sales producer in the softball, baseball and cycling industries. With independently verified data for distance and accuracy advantages of scandium equipment in golf, the revolutionary new E21 alloy is poised to repeat Scandium’s success in golf.
In independent testing, E21 iron and utility club shafts have demonstrated improved distance over both composite and steel shafts by up to 9 yards with 15% better accuracy, while reducing shaft vibration by up to 300%. This design feature, referred to as ShockBlokTM Technology reduces fatigue and the risk of injury to the golfer while providing unmatched “feel”.
The advantages of Scandium Technology shafts are so evident that Pub Links Golfer Magazine recently awarded E21’s irons with their prestigious “2005 Players Choice Award” in the Feel category.

About Element 21 Golf
E21 is a fully integrated golf company that combines patented Scandium alloys with unique expertise in material sciences, engineering, product design, sales and marketing. In both robotic and extensive player testing Scandium golf clubs and shafts were found to provide greater distance, improved accuracy and unprecedented feel.
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