Golf News for Tuesday, April 12, 2005 | Daily Golf Blogs

Virginia and Carolina Public Golf Scene gets a breath of fresh air

In an industry that often finds solace and comfort in hard-bitten solidarity and rigid adherence to tradition,architect Mike Strantz’s exuberant voice and vision are uncompromised by objective rules and ancient dogma. Instead, he fashions the old into the 21st century neo-classic, paying homage to the ancient ways while polishing them for the future.

Musician Reid Genauer wrote that the measure of a man is his worth, not his wealth. To our inesteemable delight, Strantz’s worth and wealth are ours too. We see further, hear more clearly, run faster, soar higher and reach further as a collective golf community, expanding our horizons and celebrating more deeply the unquenchable spirit of our great game. Strantz’s vision serves the game in ways even the best scholars are only beginning to understand. He thunders across the golf landscape resonating with architects and players alike.

Some may unfairly brand him outlaw and contrarian, but nothing could be further from the truth. That’s the media leaving a label...where heroes and demons do not exist, it is necessary to invent them. Strantz has made no conscience decision to rebel against conformity (not that that’s a bad thing within limits of reasonableness). If he’s an “outlaw” or “maverick” it’s because the industry or pundits made it so.

Like musical genius Beck, Strantz is transcending genres even while reinventing them. He is Van Gogh…it’s what you’ve seen before, but never in a way like this…with an aura, a flourish. Mike Strantz hurtles golf design into the 22nd Century. In a world where homogenization and gentrification are the altars a misguided many worship on, Strantz’s individualism shines through, dazzling, compelling and exhilarating. Most importantly, since his courses are priced so everyone can enjoy them, grateful public golfers shout “We Like Mike!"

MIke Strantz - a needed voice, a shockra, an avatar.

To try one of his courses, play Caledonia or True Blue
or Tobacco Road or Royal New Kent or Stonehouse. For trips, try Mid Atlantic Golf or Myrtle beach.