Golf News for Monday, April 8, 2013
"Imagine golfing at your favorite local golf course along side Playboy Playmates, your best buddies and the lovely local Playboy Ladies of Golf," said Randy Tantlinger, Playboy Golf. "There is no better way to experience the Playboy lifestyle than through Playboy Golf." [... more » ]
"You see the soccer and baseball fields full of kids. We want it to be the same with golf," said Ron Schmid, executive director of the Carolinas Section of the PGA. "This is a quantum leap into junior league play and the CPGA is excited to be an active partner. It's important not to lose sight of the most important part of golf: Having fun and the friendships built through the game." [... more » ]
"Using our exclusive robot testing, we can effectively club match and performance fit golfers based on independent scientific analysis of a golf club. This testing enables us to develop the ClubSmarts Report which provides a wealth of data," said John Watson, CEO, Edwin Watts Golf. [... more » ]
"We have created an extremely socially interactive, easy-to-use app that encourages outright gloating on a global scale and fosters competition among golfing frenemies," said Larry Jackson, Loudmouth Golf CEO. [... more » ]
"Scott and Glenn are seasoned PR professionals with extensive networks in and beyond golf," said Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. "They continue to provide client-partners with innovative ideas and consistently position them 'in the news,' driving brand equity and sales." [... more » ]
LeBlanc has spent the last three years at Waterfall Club, beginning as operations manager in 2010 and now serving as general manager. Prior to Waterfall, he was clubhouse manager for Achasta Golf Club, a Nicklaus Signature golf course framed by the Chestatee River in Dahlonega, Ga. [... more » ]
"It is an honor to have two of our facilities named to this industry list of the best public golf courses in Illinois," said Frank Jemsek, CEO, Cog Hill Golf and Country Club. "For more than 50 years, we feel we have provided our valued customers with one of the best daily-fee golf experiences in the country." [... more » ]
"Raker Goldstein's expertise, proven track record and intimate knowledge of the golf, sports and healthcare industries make them our ideal partner to getting our product and message across to the public," said Gary Sheppard, Chief Operating Officer of Pain Away LLC. [... more » ]
"We're very happy to have our grass associated with such a quality property as Apes Hill Club, and to have Apes Hill Club Nursery as a licensed producer of JaMur Zoysia," said David Doguet, internationally recognized turfgrass breeder and founder of Bladerunner Farms. [... more » ]