Golf News for Wednesday, April 10, 2013
"We're pleased to see K.J.'s iron play rounding into form going into the Masters," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "We don't pay players to play our clubs, so it's a big honor -- and responsibility -- to have K.J. choose us." [... more » ]
"[No. 1] is the place that I've always wanted and I only have one more spot to go," said the 24-year-old Park whose win moves her to No. 2 in the Rolex Rankings. "Everything has been going the right way this season. It feels good." [... more » ]
"Rory is one of those golfers who lights up every course he plays on. In recent years, he has been golf's most exciting player and he has already attracted legions of new fans. He's the sort of golfer who is good for the sport and for its image," said Stephen Urquhart, the president of OMEGA." We are all delighted that he is now part of the OMEGA family." [... more » ]
"To become the Masters Champion takes dedication on multiple levels. It is the perfect balance of physicality, equipment, timing and more. Hunter has addressed each of these areas in his search for the green jacket including his nutrition. He has and will be seen drinking our BioSteel products," said BioSteel President John Celenza. [... more » ]
"It's been an exciting tour season for IOMIC so far. The number of worldwide tour players that rely on the great feel and control of our grips continues to grow every week. In just the past three weeks, five tour winners have used IOMIC grips," said Katz Murai, Overseas Division of IOMIC. [... more » ]
"We are excited to have Paul part of our team and representing our brand on the European Tour. Paul is a veteran of the golf industry and is tied relationships with all our business partners in Europe," said Kim Braly, Director of Tour Operations. "Paul will be a valuable asset for us moving forward." [... more » ]
"George adds considerable experience and expertise to the GGA team," said Stephen Johnston, Global Golf Advisors founding partner. "He is particularly skilled in private club governance and understands how boards and committees must work together to enable effective club management." [... more » ]
"After extensive research into the benefits and risks of a move to Market-Based Pricing, the Board decided it was time to implement this proven membership sales strategy," said Mike O'Donnell, Mirabel President. "A few of the top private golf clubs in North Scottsdale have already moved to Market-Based Pricing and have seen positive outcomes." [... more » ]
"Golf Car Outfitter will be a valuable tool for linking golf car owners to businesses in the ever growing marketplace of accessories and parts, and at the same time keeping them up to date on repair tips," said Jeremy Goldstein, President and Managing Editor of Golf Car Outfitter. [... more » ]