Golf News for Wednesday, November 20, 2013
"The annual Holiday Sale is a great opportunity to get your golf game ready for 2014 and to purchase Callaway equipment customized to your swing," said Annika Sorenstam, a 10-time major championship winner. "Under the watchful eyes of our hand-picked instruction team, you can be sure you'll be receiving unparalleled guidance." [... more » ]
"Our Research and Development team focused on developing a driver that would deliver distance, provide consistency, keep adjustability simple yet effective and offer a great feel," said Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing at COBRA Golf. "The BiO CELL Driver delivers on all of the above through COBRA's proprietary technology and goes a step further by offering personalization in five different color options." [... more » ]
"I've never won back-to-back weeks so this is a first and something that I like. I think it's very hard to win two tournaments full stop, let alone back to back, so I'm quite pleased with myself this week," said Adam Scott, who followed up his Australian PGA victory last week with a two-shot triumph at the Talisker Masters. [... more » ]
"I think 25 is a good place to end the series," said Hartough, "because I have painted almost all the classic courses in the rotation, and most are coming up again in the future U.S. Open schedule. Since I can do only three or four paintings in a year due to the time they take, it will free up more time to paint some of the courses on my 'bucket list.'" [... more » ]
"I've only grassed four residential golf courses in the entire state of Texas with Zeon Zoysiagrass and every single one of them made this list," said David Doguet, world-renown turfgrass breeder and founder of Bladerunner Farms. "That really makes a statement about the quality of the playing surfaces of golf courses grassed with Zeon." [... more » ]
"Wilderness Ridge has a reputation of being one of the best golf courses and dining experiences in the Lincoln market," said KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner. "We look forward to enhancing the guest and golfer experience through our TrueService customer service training, creative marketing initiatives and implementation of other best practices." [... more » ]
"Pharmaco is a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products and we are delighted to have such a significant partner to work with our company to expand our global distribution" said Mark Linford, Chief Executive Officer of Pain Away LLC. "Our strategy is to partner with exclusive distributors that share the same passion as we do to help golfers and non-golfers alike." [... more » ]
"From finding the right item in our huge inventory of golf cart products to getting detailed information and pricing, we wanted Baker's Cart Supply to be a one-stop, all-inclusive e-commerce golf cart supply center. I'm very happy to say that I believe we've achieved that with our new site," said Baker's Cart Supply owner, Mike Baker. [... more » ]
"We are anticipating significant interest in and excitement for our nets where attendees will be able to experience first-hand our versatile sport nets designed for golf, soccer and lacrosse," said Ryan Dickerson, managing partner of Rukkett. [... more » ]