Golf News for Tuesday, May 29, 2012
"We are greatly honored to receive such an award and we are very humbled to accept this honor," said Humana Challenge Tournament Chairman Larry Thiel. "When you look at the quality and stature of the nominees here, it simply magnifies the level of this achievement for our event." [... more » ]
"We believe this partnership is game-changing to the sport of golf," said Kel Devlin, Nike Golf's Director of Global Athlete Development. "The Gray Institute is the expert in the study of body movement in sport. This program will transform human potential because it will help golfers physically move better to play better." [... more » ]
Bellagio is ultimate Las Vegas hotel experience. Home to the famous dancing fountains, award-winning casino, fine art gallery, magnificent pools, and luxury shopping opportunities, the Bellagio offers unmatched guest experience. Now combine two rounds of golf at two of Las Vegas' most unique and exciting golf courses. [... more » ]
"The Father's Day Unlimited Golf Getaway is a chance to send dad to one of the premier golf buddy destinations in the U.S., whether it's with his friends or the family," said Rick Hileman, PGA Director of Golf Operations at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. [... more » ]
"We've designed this golf course for everybody," Rees Jones said. "We've got length for the bombers and shorter tees for those like myself who don't hit it very far anymore. What you see is what you get in terms of being able to see most every shot on the golf course." [... more » ]
"We are happy to recognize Sean O'Brien as our Golf Grounds Manager of the Year," said David Robinson, Senior Director of Golf Grounds, Marriott Golf. "On behalf of the Marriott Golf family, we are thrilled to recognize Sean for his commitment to excellence. He is truly deserving of this honor." [... more » ]
"Pinnacle is so proud to honor these ten amazing individuals who are making a difference in breast cancer research, education and awareness," said Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President, Golf Ball Marketing and Communications. "By honoring these incredible members of the golf community, we hope to inspire others to join the fight to create awareness and find a cure." [... more » ]
"The National Golf Foundation serves all major business sectors in the golf industry, and I'm thrilled to represent the retail sector, while having the opportunity to collaborate with an elite group of executives that are committed to growing the game and business of golf," said Watson. [... more » ]
"Collaborating with ETPI to develop personalized improvement programs for professional golfers is an excellent opportunity for aboutGolf to demonstrate the proven science behind its technology," said Chuck Faust, President, aboutGolf. "Working with seasoned pros who have made a career of the sport allows us show that any golfer can benefit from our technology." [... more » ]
"Response to HHH has been off the charts as we've added some amazing venues and received tremendous support," said Jim Colton, 2011 Walking Golfer of the Year and founder of One Divot. "When taking on the challenge of playing 100 or more holes, having proper footwear is a must and TRUE makes the best shoes I've ever worn." [... more » ]