Golf News for Friday, April 6, 2012
Performers include Atlanta rockers The Shadowboxers, country music duo Coldwater Jane and American Idol Top 40 contestant Richie Law. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the ANNIKA Foundation and northwest Florida schools. [... more » ]
"Impact Zone Golf is an intensive program and we're very proud of all the students that participated," said Keiser University College of Golf Executive Director of Golf Operations Dr. Eric Wilson, who is a PGA Master Professional and an Impact Zone Golf Master Instructor. "Students were overwhelmingly positive." [... more » ]
"Over the years, blended tea and lemonade drinks have grown from a golf course specialty to a summertime staple, and ULTRA 19th Hole takes the popular concept to the next level," said Ryan Moore, vice president, premium lights. "We've seen a growing demand for lighter, sweeter beverages." [... more » ]
McConnell Golf CEO John McConnell of Raleigh was named one of the North Carolina Golf Panel's "Most Influential Figures in Golf," a list compiled every five years that includes North Carolinians who influence the game both in the state, nationally, and in some cases worldwide. [... more » ]
"When I first began laying out what will become Sun Garden Golf Club at the Sun Garden Resort and Spa, my client, Mr. Nicolae Capusan the resort's proprietor and local entrepreneur, confessed that developing a golf course would be 'an act of courage,'" Robert McNeil said. [... more » ]
"We at Smarter Lessons are delighted to grow our business through this expansion into the Australasian marketplace," said company CEO Tom Mox. "We've been able to streamline the golf lesson and management functions for over 2,500 golf professionals worldwide." [... more » ] hand-picks their courses considering the geography, weather, land, and best golf seasons of the specific course. doesn't use a basic checklist to rate each course. Every course is rated considering its unique design, quality and speeds of the greens, playability for different levels of golfers, and much more. [... more » ]
"Those who've read my first book, "The Schoolboy", will recall Mark Crowe as the antagonistic bully," said Tony Rosa, author of "Birdie". "Some might even go so far as to call him a hoodlum. But I think it's important and even interesting to show, that once you get to know him and understand his behavior, it's possible to change your initial perception." [... more » ]