Golf News for Thursday, June 2, 2011
"Course operators love the exposure that Golf Channel provides them," said Fintan O'Connell, market sales manager for GolfNow in British Columbia. "They've seen the success of the program in the U.S. and Ontario and see this is an opportunity to sell additional rounds in peak and off-peak times." [... more » ]
"While we are proud to have recorded our 7th win of the year, what really gets us excited is that 15 of the top 20 finishers used the Players Towel," said Patrick Le Vine, founder of the Players Towel. [... more » ]
"Every golfer wants to experience the courses on which their favorite PGA Tour stars compete, but most can't actually play them in person," said Brandon Theophilus, CEO of Dancin' Dogg Golf. [... more » ]
"We believe the best golf courses don't need to carry the highest price tags," said General Manager Danny Ackerman. "We've prided ourselves in delivering quality and affordability to all who enjoy to play." [... more » ]
"Our Weekend Stay and Play Package is the perfect opportunity for a golf buddy, couple or parent/child getaway this summer," said Beth Murphy, general manager of Southwood Golf Club. [... more » ]
"This is a great opportunity for Golf Academy of America and we are excited to be a part of this junior golf event," said Chris Hunkler, president of Golf Academy of America. "We wish all the players good luck." [... more » ]
"I would like to congratulate all those who won prizes and we look forward to welcoming all the ladies back to Redbourn next year -- if not sooner," Redbourn General Manager Tristan Hall said. [... more » ]
"This is Jim's second stint with us and we're very excited to welcome him back to the ICS family," said Jim Bailey, Managing Partner of ICS. "His familiarity with the industry and ICS will make for a smooth transition." [... more » ]
"My goal with Putter Perfection is to help ignite a revolution in the common understanding of the putter," said author Sean Weir. "Simply put, too many golfers play with ill-fitting putters." [... more » ]
South Lake Tahoe is renowned for its fireworks, which are launched from several barges in the lake, and Edgewood Tahoe is the best stretch of open shoreline from which to watch the show. [... more » ]
"The Hangover Part 2" is set in Thailand, and the movie depicts many of this great country's treasures, such as its architecture and traditions. Of course, Thailand also has some mighty fine resorts and pretty fair golf courses. I was there a few weeks and can attest to the golf and hotel scene, which is outstanding. [... more » ]