Golf News for Friday, April 8, 2011
"Our new rental villas are perfect for golfers visiting Roatan to experience The Black Pearl," said Mario Toriello, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Roatan offers vacations to savor forever." [... more » ]
"Of course, we consider our golf courses to be among the finest in the state, but it is always fulfilling to hear that the experts agree," said John McConnell, CEO and President of McConnell Golf. [... more » ]
"To start the 2011 season with two more awards is fantastic, and I think these are especially important as they have been voted by Polish golfers," said Arthur Gromadzki, chairman of Modry Las. [... more » ]
"We stage junior opens and championships for elite golfers as well as a number of coaching camps for beginners and an introduction to golf," said Tom Gibbs, The Shropshire's Teaching Professional. [... more » ]
"South Carolina is home to some of the best golf courses in the country, and I'm thrilled to expand our retail presence in this market," said John Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Edwin Watts Golf. [... more » ]
"There is a real need within the Spanish golf industry for golf course owners to commit and to provide the skills and entrepreneurial spirit to develop the business of golf," said Antonio Garrido Lestache, SGCOA Chairman. [... more » ]
"From the clubhouse to the golf courses, Doug, Andrea, Bryan and Jay know what it takes to provide a world-class golf experience," said David McDonald, president of Escalante Golf. [... more » ]
"Jane is one of the major reasons we are known as one the best golf operations in the U.S. and we're thrilled she has attained the well deserved honor of LPGA Master Professional," said Joel Paige, PGA National Resort VP. [... more » ]
"With our new website we are proud to unveil the breadth of our product line and look forward to using this valuable tool to closely communicate with our customers," said Peter Dalton, CEO, ProQuip USA. [... more » ]
I'm not a Tiger fan, per se, but I do appreciate his ability. Personally, I've always thought he was a bit of a jerk when he wasn't trying hard to be nice. I see Woods as Mozart - a flawed genius. Once he gets his swing as dialed in as he can, you will see his short game get back to its exalted state of perhaps the best all-around in the game. And THEN, the rest will fear him. Again. [... more » ]