Golf News for Tuesday, April 12, 2011
"The fifteenth on Man-O-War is part of our wonderfully unique back-to-back island greens along with the excellent par 4 fourteenth and both give you all the golf you want," says Claude Pardue, President and CEO. "As great as those two are, here at Mystical Golf, we like to say we have 27 signature holes as everyone who plays our three diverse courses has a different favorite." [... more » ]
"The website will provide them with all the information they need to make the most out of their visit," said Stuart McEwen, the general manager of Kingsbarns. "We also want our customers to be able to engage even more closely with Kingsbarns and our burgeoning social media presence makes it so much easier for them to do so." [... more » ]
"There will be lots of activities and something to appeal for everyone. Golf centres are fun places for all the family and it should be a fantastic day," said Tanya May, Sales Manager at The Shropshire. [... more » ]
"Our intent with this contest is to honor an individual who is making a difference without fanfare or publicity, who loves golf and who does it all with a certain grace," said company CEO and co-founder, Sharon Sunoo. [... more » ]
In the past eight weeks, Golf Channel's has continued to register courses at a record-setting pace, with anywhere between 30 and 50 courses each week joining the Internet's largest and most comprehensive tee-time booking service. [... more » ]
"The current economic pressures have heightened the need for effective and sustainable recruitment as golf businesses look to attract and retain the best people," said Richard Wood, Director of Colt Mackenzie McNair. [... more » ]
"This is an extremely important report for us," said Jorgen Kjellgren, President of the CMAE, "as it confirms the types of subject matter we should be addressing in our CCM development programme." [... more » ]
"Fred is one of the most admired golfers in the world and has been a tremendous global ambassador for the ECCO brand since 2006," said Jesper Thuen, Marketing Manager, ECCO Golf. [... more » ]
"The camps offer a youngster a fantastic opportunity to benefit from some expert coaching and really develop their game in a very short space of time," said Gordon Forster, General Manager. [... more » ]
I remember watching Rory McIlroy earlier in the week and seeing him hit driver on No. 10, 13 (and to a lesser degree 17 and 18) and wondered why. He's a big hitter and could easily find a safe landing zone with lesser club. He was playing with fire. [... more » ]
John Andrisani has written more than 30 books with his latest being "Golfweek's 101 Swing Golf Tips." It's not as elegant as the latest Golf Magazine instructional manuals on the market, but with its smaller pocket-size and lower price ($12.95), it still packs some punch. It even caters to other lefties with tips specifically written for those southpaws who get no love from other instructional manuals. [... more » ]