Golf News for Monday, April 11, 2011
Coming off the heels of the 2011 Masters, Masters champions Tiger Woods, Fuzzy Zoeller, Ben Crenshaw and Nick Faldo are scheduled to join Morning Drive this week. [... more » ]
"Listening to what our dealers are asking for, our standard hosel 175 Driver is now also available in the pearl white finish. It is also available in red," said Alvin Cruz, VP of Sales for Integra Golf. [... more » ]
"When we started field testing the XLT-15, we received overwhelming positive feedback from golfers on the 11-way organizer top with the integrated Clip-Lok system," said Craig Ramsbottom, President, Dynamic Brands. [... more » ]
"The short lessons given by our Certified Personal Coaches are only a glimpse of our technology and golfers will see what it's like on our Proven Path," said Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC VP of Business Development. [... more » ]
"It was another fantastic day's competition with a high standard of play," said Graham Rolland, General Manager. "Indeed, we are looking to hold the competition on a quarterly basis." [... more » ]
"I love Lynn and Pia because they understand and teach the game in all of its breadth. They are great coaches who work with the things that are important to all golfers," said Dave Pelz.. [... more » ]
"Our goal is simply to provide the operational tools and valuable insights that can be implemented immediately by golf course operators," said J. J. Keegan, Managing Principal of Golf Convergence. [... more » ]
"Our players are getting a lot of use out of it," said Fred Schernecker, director of golf at Harvard. "TSG has been very easy to work with. John Ehrgott was very helpful up front with various design options." [... more » ]
"It was a huge shock to find that I had won. Some of the guys in my year have sporting backgrounds, with degrees in subjects like sports science, so I thought they had a bit of an advantage," said Lee. [... more » ]
This is how I like my golf. Suspense until the end, nobody backed into it, despite third-round leader Rory McIlroy's complete meltdown. This is great theater. No disrespect to Tiger Woods' accomplishments in 2000, but routs are boring, unless you're just simply a fan of the guy doing it. Even then, I like a little drama in my sporting events, whether it's an individual sport or a team sport. This was at good as it gets. [... more » ]
I've got a 7-year-old son who loves the game and begs me to go along every time I head to the course. He loves everything about the game, from the clubs to the bags, from the balls to the golf carts. Oh, and of course there's the sheer joy of hitting a pure tee shot. And now he's even excited about golf apparel, thanks to Quagmire Golf. [... more » ]