Golf News for Tuesday, March 29, 2011
"The Champion is one of the best-conditioned, strategically-demanding courses in Florida and the U.S. and the Golfweek rating validates our staff's efforts," said Joel Paige, Vice President and Managing Director. [... more » ]
"Golfers will be inspired by the new award winning MT-28 V5 T.S. wedges. They produce exceptional spin with precision and control," said Fourteen Golf Chief Operating Officer Marcy Kamoda. [... more » ]
"These wins further validate Krank's innovative driver technology and our commitment to manufacture the longest hitting and most consistent drivers in golf," said Lance Reader, founder and President of Krank Golf. [... more » ]
"GolfTEC's business model offers an incredible amount of support to franchise owners," said Cory Collins, Director of Franchise Sales for GolfTEC. "I look forward to presenting our Phoenix market research." [... more » ]
"We are very excited to bring Golf Town's unique retail entertainment experience to golf enthusiasts throughout New England," said President/CEO Stephen Bebis. "We are already siting additional locations." [... more » ]
"The NASPE Hall of Fame honors outstanding individuals who have achieved new levels of excellence in sport, physical education and physical activity," said NASPE President Lynn Couturier of State University of New York at Cortland. [... more » ]
"Our logo business is up over 3,000 percent since announcing our green grass sales program at the PGA Show. Due to the success, we have extended the program end dates twice," said Shane Carlisle, co-founder of Tour Sticks. [... more » ]
"Airkot not only offers technical innovation in modern golf apparel, it also celebrates the finest style and the traditions of the game," said Fabio Bassanelli, Creative Design Director of Marbas Golf. [... more » ]
Three continents in three weeks will experience golf trick shot mastery at its finest next month when world record holder David Edwards takes his extraordinary show on the road. [... more » ]
"Gulf Shores prides itself on its people, and it's edifying to see that our friendliness and efficiency push us ahead of other destinations," said Golf Gulf Shores Executive Director Duncan Millar. [... more » ]
Even in shorts and a suntan, it’s clear to tell Greg Norman loves talking business. And why not? With about two dozen projects across the world right now, he’s probably got a better pulse on the industry than anyone. So when the Shark talks shop, you listen. [... more » ]
Of the many cultural activities I’ve experienced on this golf trip to Thailand, one of the more memorable was the Maesa Elephant Camp in the northern part of the country. [... more » ]