Golf News for Thursday, February 3, 2011
Katharine Dyson won the Apparel Writing Category for her piece "Summer Fashions For 2010" in Ocean State Golf, and also took top honors in the Competition Writing Category for her story on called "What Makes The Masters So Special." [... more » ]
"What the New Pro V1x has been doing for me is a little bit higher ball flight, which is what I am looking for," said Watson. "I want it to go higher, and land softer and quicker, especially on the firm greens we play." [... more » ]
"It feels fantastic," said Casey. "The most important thing to me is winning and that was huge." His Volvo Golf Champions victory is the 12th title of his professional career. [... more » ]
"Golfers are going to truly appreciate the forgiveness and power of our new Cobra S3 Fairway and S3 Max Fairway," said Brian Zender, Senior Vice President and General Manager of COBRA-PUMA Golf. [... more » ]
"We want to encourage kids to enjoy golf," said to Ross Kvinge, President of PowerBilt Golf. "And, with the junior scholarship fund, we can not only encourage them to play, but also help them get a college degree." [... more » ]
"Metedeconk and its members are proud to be recognized by New Jersey's PGA Section," said Albert Costantini, General Manager/COO. "The club is committed to growing the game through junior programs." [... more » ]
"Hot Stix Golf is the world's most trusted club-fitting brand because of our sophisticated process that analyzes how specific components - head, shaft, ball and grip - affect player performance," said Mark Flynn, CEO. [... more » ]
"There has never been a report on this area of the golf equipment market, and we believe this study will help manufacturers, and retailers alike," said Tom Stine, Co-Founder, Golf Datatech. [... more » ]
"We're very excited to bring aboard Meng & Associates to help us spread the word about the unmatched learning opportunities that are available here," said Dr. Eric Wilson, VP of Keiser University College of Golf. [... more » ]
"I am truly honored to receive this award," said Annika. "I had the opportunity to play sports and realize my dreams. Now I hope to inspire thousands of other young women to do the same." [... more » ]
I’m sitting in a railway station, got a ticket for my … no, wait, that was Paul Simon. I’m sitting in my room of dreams, snow falling outside, wind blowing and grass hibernating, thinking of the golfing season. I’ve made my picks for Fantasy Golf this week and have my toes crossed for a big pay day at the points window. My attention turns to golf gear, as I’m itching to complement the swing changes I’ve made with some new equipment, apparel and accessories. [... more » ]