Golf News for Wednesday, February 23, 2011
"I'm looking forward to playing and I'm nervous already," said Ian Baker-Finch, who said he plans on playing a handful of events around his CBS schedule. "That said, it will be lots of fun being back with all my old friends from the old tour days. I have low expectations as it's been a long time since I've been competitive, but I know I'll have a fun time." [... more » ]
"It's a great weekend for ECCO, with Aaron winning his third PGA Tour title and qualifying for the Masters," said Jesper Thuen, Sponsor and Event Manager, ECCO Golf. [... more » ]
"Mid- and high-handicappers will find the Cobra S3 Max Iron-Hybrid set to be their savior set - especially if they're looking for maximum forgiveness and high launch," said Brian Zender, Sr VP and GM of Cobra-Puma Golf. [... more » ]
"Our goal is to help each golfer develop the best swing possible while having fun," said Dr. Jim Suttie. "Each gets the same advice and guidance we give the pros, without intimidation or embarrassment." [... more » ]
"Their addition to our team will ultimately improve the services we provide to our clientele. Plus, their style and culture meshes well with ours," said C.A. Roberts, President of OB Sports. [... more » ]
"Ball-Fitting has been the single largest factor in our growth as it has opened many doors for us where we were previously shut out," said Dan Murphy, Vice President of Marketing - Bridgestone Golf, Inc. [... more » ]
"Our Dawgs Partners program is a creative and easy way for schools to raise funds," said Steve Mann, founder, president and CEO of Dawgs Golf. "There is no inventory or implementation requirement." [... more » ]
"With no upfront capital outlay from the golf course, Styx buys its current rental clubs and replaces them with current-model sticks, so you can charge more," said Jim Williams, CEO of Styx. [... more » ]
"The hole-in-one contributed to the round of my life, it was amazing to find the ball in the whole when I walked onto the green. You can't see the pin from the tee, so I didn't actually see the ball drop," said Small. [... more » ]
Ever wonder what it's like to play with hickory-shafted golf clubs and dress in vintage knickers, wearing a vest and tie? You can get that chance at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort & Spa in San Diego. In fact, every Tuesday, they run a special event where guests can play the course with hickory sticks provided by the resort. It's a trip back to the 1920s. [... more » ]
When elite golf events in San Diego aren't being held at Torrey Pines, in many cases they're held just a little off the coast at Carlton Oaks Lodge & Country Club. It's a lesser-known San Diego-area course compared to some of the bigger resorts, but only to out-of-towners. [... more » ]