Golf News for Wednesday, September 29, 2010
"I've said it all week; I really was focused this week on winning that trophy and just trying to win the golf tournament. Let the rest fall as it may," said Furyk. "You know, it's more of a pride thing." [... more » ]
"We are delighted to support the Macphie of Glenbervie campaign," said Stuart McEwen, General Manager of Kingsbarns. "The connection between food and golf is an obvious one." [... more » ]
"We are very happy for Jim on his outstanding year on tour with three wins and his first place finish in the playoffs. Retief also had a terrific year," said Ken Shwartz, CEO and president, AHEAD. [... more » ]
"The growth and continued excellence of the EWGA Championship demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing women with more opportunities," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the EWGA. [... more » ]
"I am proud of the work we do here in the Island Chapter," said Aaron when learning of his award. "I'm excited that our work has been recognized on the section level. [... more » ]
"We had a great turnout for a important cause, scholarships to help educate and train the future leaders in our industry. We achieved our goal," said David Mariotti, chairman of the NFHLA. [... more » ]
"Boxgroove members are thrilled with the chance to play DragonRidge Country Club," said McRedmond Morelli, founder and CEO of Boxgroove. "It is a magnificent Las Vegas-area course with beautiful scenery." [... more » ]
These TaylorMade products are first class all the way. The decorative NFL team logos are crystal clear. The colors are vibrant and stylishly designed. Each of the 32 NFL team hats and visors features the words "TaylorMade" in heavy lettering across the front, with the logo on the side. There are several distinct color patterns for each team: The main difference being the name of the team and a color stripe on the bill or the name and stripe on the side near the logo. [... more » ]
I've been to the driving range just four times since my Zenolink analysis, without the aid of an instructor, and I'm already getting encouraging results. I'm most happy, however, with the fact my posture at impact and follow-through is better, and my impact position is also reducing the number of heavy shots. [... more » ]