Golf News for Tuesday, August 3, 2010
"We invested a lot time, money and good old fashioned hard work into making this award happen," said Tim Tilma, general manager of Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club. "We are committed to the future." [... more » ]
"There's no doubt the new Heavy Putter and Heavy Wedge lines will be extremely well received by players throughout the Middle East and North Africa," said Ali M. Al-Jazzaf, Managing Director of Golf Me. [... more » ]
"The Fila heritage and iconic logo, as well as the upscale design and meticulous construction of Fila Golf tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories are enticing to merchandisers," said David Fishman, Director of Sales for FW. [... more » ]
"This completely new FJ Layering System is the result of years of direct Tour and avid golfer feedback," said Whitney Trimble, Director of Marketing - Apparel. "The entire new line was developed by golfers" [... more » ]
"This is an exciting step in our re-branding, one that presents a new look to our deep well of existing customers, while also helping to attract new ones," said AB Golf Designs co-owner Chip Burley. [... more » ]
"His depth of knowledge of the game of golf and his in-depth training in Biomechanics is far superior to many of his peers," said Dr. Mindy Clark, a Partner & Executive Director of Golf Medicine. [... more » ]
"It is an honor to welcome some of the country's most outstanding college golf programs and exciting to watch them compete on this challenging course," said CordeValle's head golf professional, Nick Bailey. [... more » ]
"I knew if I made a good number I would get it done," said Winslow about his strategy. "I wasn't trying to make a bunch of birdies, I was trying to play smart and hit the right positions on the green." [... more » ]
"I was nervous, very, very, very nervous," said Jackson of Huntsville, Ala. who scored an eagle on the par-5 18th hole. "It was the longest rain delay I've ever been through in my life, but it was worth it." [... more » ]
Sun Valley doesn't seem to be one of those "lounge by the pool" summer destinations. The weather is sunny and dry, and the temperatures are pleasant enough to stay active all day. Just about everybody around the resort's hike and bike trails boasts a Bally’s Total Fitness commercial-type bod. My last 24 hours here serves as a pretty good snapshot of a day as a Sun Valley vacationer ... [... more » ]
Not to overly generalize, but golfers are by and large a meat-eating bunch. Heck, some of the most memorable nicknames in the game's history are celebrated carnivores: Tiger, The Shark, the Golden Bear and the Hawk. Now the world famous Omaha Steaks company is tapping into this gestalt. [... more » ]