Golf News for Tuesday, August 10, 2010
"Our 'Summer Three Play' is the perfect opportunity to enjoy our trio of distinctive, challenging and exciting courses at an incredibly economical rate," said Claude Pardue, President and CEO of Mystical Golf. [... more » ]
"The six courses that comprise England's Atlantic Links are the ideal destination in close proximity to Celtic Manor," said Nick Gammon of Trevose Golf & Country Club. [... more » ]
The PGA of Sweden National complex, located in Bara in southern Sweden and only 15 minutes outside Malmo, now boasts two world-class 18-hole championship courses, the Lakes and the Links. [... more » ]
"Our junior golfers from around the world now have access to all the assets they need to maximize their golf skills," said Peter Orrell, CEO of the Junior Golf Corporation which oversees the Hank Haney IJGA. [... more » ]
"Our new partnership with Imperisoft will help our franchises become more efficient, which will allow them to grow their businesses faster," said TGA founder, president and CEO, Joshua Jacobs. [... more » ]
"We're excited to be involved with The Kure at this early stage," said Tony Duran, Founder of The Duran Group. "The release of The Kure to the retail market is ideal with the holiday season ahead." [... more » ]
"This 2001 Tom Doak design has run neck and neck for the past six years with the course it replaced, Pebble Beach," said Joe Passov, Golf Magazine's Course Rankings and Architecture Editor about No. 1 Pacific Dunes. [... more » ]
"Our goal is to bring the camaraderie and feel of a world-class clubhouse online plus share all the information that a golfer would need to play a course," said Pete Charleston, president of GolfLogix, Inc. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to have Lane's varied background and expertise," said Susan Shade, president of Tehama. "Lane has the type of energy, commitment and innovative thinking to take our brand to a whole new level." [... more » ]
Tiger Woods might be a sitting duck for some writers. Perhaps he represents the tough guy, the bully, the cool kid that you/we/I always wanted to topple in grade/middle/high school (please don’t say 'life' here ... you need to move on!) Despite the way he moves to the golf course, along the golf course, from the golf course, he is a wounded soul, so I won’t write about him. [... more » ]