Golf News for Tuesday, June 1, 2010
"We certainly have to watch our heads at times as the professionals attempt to cut across the 17th fairway by driving over a corner of the Hotel," said Debbie Taylor, Managing Director of the Old Course Hotel. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to host the 2011 ING Conference," said Innisbrook's Managing Director Lloyd Williams. "It gives us the opportunity to showcase all of our renovations and improvements." [... more » ]
"I look forward to exhibiting my work during this year's Championship," said Hartough, a world-renowned golf-landscape artist. "It is always a pleasure during the U.S. Open to see collectors." [... more » ]
"In the teaching industry, you've got to stay on the cusp of technology in order to provide the best possible experience for your students," said Brian O'Neill, Director of Instruction at Boyne. [... more » ]
"Often we see 'the light come on' with a student but for Keith the result was that he won his first mini-tour event just 5 days after getting together with me," said Glen Coombe, known as the "The Putting Doctor". [... more » ]
"It is so rewarding to find success with ruletwentyone as a tournament gift," said Joe Borgenicht, CEO of rulegolf. "We look forward to partnering with many great tournaments and events in 2010." [... more » ]
"It's always fun to watch the expression on golfers faces as they see the ball popping back to them," said Keith Foley, co-founder and inventor of the RoboCup, now with a dynamic new shape. [... more » ]
"Securing Imperial as a sponsor is a great addition to the Carolinas Section and will add tremendous value to our organization" said Ron Schmid, Executive Director, Carolinas Section of the PGA of America. [... more » ]
Waldorf Astoria is here to make a splash as one of the most upscale, luxurious options in Orange County, and I applaud them for not making their course a flashy, costly monstrosity full waterfalls and unnecessary aesthetic and design features that you might expect in a tourist town like Orlando. [... more » ]
So why don't more economic-minded golfers buck the northward migration and head south at this time of year? If you can handle hot weather and you want to do all this on the cheap, Florida or Arizona may just be the place to go for the next few months. [... more » ]
"Richard is a perfect example of the steps to success," said Brad Turner, director for the GAA Orlando campus. "Work hard, set your personal standards very high, and take your education seriously." [... more » ]