Golf News for Thursday, May 6, 2010
"This remarkable champion has an opportunity to play clubs from any manufacturer possible and yet she continues to put ours into play," said Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda. [... more » ]
"The Stadium Course is one of the most extraordinary and exhilarating golf courses to play anywhere in the world," said PGA Catalunya Resort Chief Executive Officer, Billy O'Sullivan. [... more » ]
While Myrtle Beach golf is world-class, fun and easy to get to, it's also very affordable. That's one of the reasons the area is so popular. No other spot on the East Coast offers a variety of high quality golf courses and accommodations for such a value. [... more » ]
"Billy Casper Golf is excited to add St. Andrews to our portfolio," said Peter Hill, CEO of BCG. "Local golfers are already realizing tremendous before-and-after course conditions and personable service." [... more » ]
"West Winds has undergone significant improvements," said Jeff Davis, President of Fairway Advisors. "The purchasing entity has acquired a quality golf course with substantial upside opportunities." [... more » ]
"At Golf4Her, our goal is to inspire women to look and feel their best on and off the course," said Christina Thompson, founder. "We hope to be the first stop when shopping for golf apparel and accessories." [... more » ]
"It was important for us to bring in a proven product development pioneer to drive our product innovation to the next level," said Leighton Klevana, COO, Dynamic Brands. [... more » ]
"I strive each day to make golf-based wellness, conditioning, strength and flexibility as important - maybe even more so - as banging buckets of balls or playing 36 holes a day," said Khoury. [... more » ]
"The Immokalee Foundation has overcome a lot through the years," said Tom Weyl, tournament co-chair. "Your participation today goes right to the bottom line - helping the children of Immokalee." [... more » ]
Scotland has plenty going on off the golf course, and golf actually accounts for a surprisingly small percentage of travelers to the country. So while you may be thinking buddy trip before Mother’s Day gift when it comes to a Scotland vacation, you could very well combine the two into one. [... more » ]
Tim Clark and Vijay Singh are a couple of tour players who have been putting the new Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star X Tour Yellow golf balls in play, and early on, they were even catching the announcers by surprise. It certainly caught my attention, so I had to try it, and see what the difference was between Srixon's new offerings and the colored golf balls of 30 years ago. [... more » ]