Golf News for Wednesday, April 28, 2010
"The VooDoo's stabilized core is designed to maximize distance," said Stewart Bahl, Aldila's Marketing Manager. "Its innovative one-piece high modulus carbon stabilization rib runs the length of the shaft." [... more » ]
"Jason was able to lead the tournament from wire-to-wire by setting up scoring opportunities with phenomenal play off the tee," said Evolve Golf Founder and CEO, B.J. Maloy. [... more » ]
"Black Widow Tour is quickly becoming a favorite among top players, and each week this new cleat is gaining more and more momentum," said John Hohman, Vice President of Marketing, PrideSports. [... more » ]
"Terry's experience speaks for itself and his presence will allow an already great play-by-play team greater depth," said Tom Stathakes, Golf Channel senior vice president of programming, production and operations. [... more » ]
"I have the same background as the employees at the foundries in China. I speak their language and I know the culture. We work together to make sure every piece of equipment that ships is of the utmost quality," said Eric Yeh, President of Infiniti Golf. [... more » ]
"Richard is a results-driven sales professional who has a proven track record for developing sales strategies that power companies to excellence," said Dwight Hansen, President and CEO of Arrive Golf Group. [... more » ]
"Stephen's wealth of golf knowledge, experience and passion will further position the CYBEX brand as the undisputed leader in this market segment," said Ed Pryts, CYBEX Senior VP, North American Sales. [... more » ]
"The Hershey Golf Collection offers golf for all levels of play," said Ned Graff, director of golf. "From the beginner to the professional, our four courses fit all needs and handicaps." [... more » ]
"St. Andrews is a world-renowned golfing mecca and the best place from which to enjoy it is the luxurious Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa," said Debbie Taylor, Managing Director, Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa. [... more » ]
"This must be the toughest tour in the world to play on," said Chris Altese, PGA Director of Golf at The Bridges. "It is hard to believe you would have players of this caliber competing in an open qualifier." [... more » ]
I can’t help but wonder where the jacket came from. I gotta believe all the champs still have theirs. So which former millionaire Augusta National member (or his heirs) are desperate enough for cash to part with one of the game’s greatest treasures? [... more » ]
Ford announced blowout earnings and a proclamation their profitable days are here to stay for awhile. Hopefully by now, tour commissioners Michael Whan and Tim Finchem have sent Ford CEO Alan Mulally a fresh fruit basket with an invitation to possibly play a few holes together and talk future sponsorships. It’s time for the auto companies to get back on board with the PGA Tour and LPGA. [... more » ]