Golf News for Friday, April 23, 2010
"Every time a professional trusts and plays with a Fourteen Golf product, we are proud. These golfers rely on their equipment to compete, to win," said Fourteen Golf COO Marcy Kamoda. [... more » ]
"Our premium shafts are preferred by a vast and rapidly growing percentage of players on all major Tours worldwide," said Gene Simpson, Chief Operating Officer of UST Mamiya. [... more » ]
"Our excitement with this grip line grows by the day, and now we are accomplishing a major goal with the debut of Black Widow Grips in professional golf," said John Hohman, Vice President of Marketing, Softspikes. [... more » ]
"We selected KemperSports to assume management responsibilities for the Club because of the company's experience," said Paul Lauschke, chairman of Lockhaven Development Corporation. [... more » ]
"This is more than just a charity golf event," said Society president Steve Cohen, "It is a fun, educational opportunity to engage with like-minded golfers who value all facets of the game." [... more » ]
"We were feeling the pressure, no question about it," said Player, who recorded his 165th career victory. "The older you are, the more you feel it. The engine starts running out of gas." [... more » ]
"Shining Rock is offering an attractive Associate Member playing package as well as favorable daily fees to help area golfers get out and play," said club spokesman Tim Gordon. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to add Steve to our national sales force," said Roger Landry, VP of Sales. "His knowledge of the golf market and established client relationships will add considerable expertise to our sales team." [... more » ]
"With this new technology, GameBook enables you and your friends to enjoy and share your golf experiences in unique ways that each user can personally tailor," said Mikko Rantanen, CEO of GameBook. [... more » ]
"The Links and Lodging package provides Front Range golfers with a broad array of stay-and-play options and a tremendous value proposition," said Rhonda Boutelle, General Manager. [... more » ]
I've signed up to support Carly’s Club, a branch of the fundraising tree at Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo (New York), by playing 100 holes in one day at Brookfield Country Club, just east of the Queen City. This is my second tour of duty, having successfully negotiated the 100 at Westwood Country Club three years ago. New venue, new challenge! [... more » ]
How much would you pay to play golf with President Bill Clinton? As of Tuesday afternoon, someone was willing to fork over nearly $30,000 for a round of golf with the president out at Trump National in New York. The date with Clinton, and we do mean that in the purest golfing sense, is part of the inaugural Christie’s Green Auction. [... more » ]