Golf News for Wednesday, March 31, 2010
"The Old Course is a demanding test of golf that requires players to execute a variety of shots from tee to green," said Mark Kendall, President of Kenmark Golf Management. [... more » ]
"I hope that, through marketing, we will be able to promote the event in all circles of amateur golfers in Romania and that we will whet their appetite for such a special event," said Neagu Bogdan, joint license holder. [... more » ]
"The Get Fit golf ball tool provides a simplified understanding of the various technical components in ball design tailored for each player," said Bob Thurman, Wilson Golf's global director of golf R&D. [... more » ]
"It was an unbelievable day," said Couples, who fired a course-record 62 in the final round. "The first six or seven holes, there was an eagle, birdies and putts going in from everywhere." [... more » ]
"The Audrey Collection is a line we are very proud of," said Vicky Waldorf, co-founder of Gogie Girl. "This sun hat is not only a great fit for a woman on the course but is also very practical." [... more » ]
"Jack Frost National is an excellent addition to the Pocono Mountains golf destination," said Carl Wilgus, President and CEO of the PMVB. "Being named 'Best in State' is a significant award." [... more » ]
"We are excited to welcome Applewood and Breckenridge Golf Courses on board. And the letters of support are continuing to arrive," said Noble Hendrix, co-founder of Golfpreserves. [... more » ]
"This course is unlike anything regionally," said Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. "The terrain, turf, backdrop and strategic design mean golfers will enjoy each unique hole." [... more » ]
"Interest is growing fast in Russia. We are confident to attract all leading Russian and ex-pat golfers to the event," said ¨Kim Waddoup, Chief Executive Officer of the aiGroup. [... more » ]
I spent a week on the island about two years ago, and I’m back because a lot has changed. But the chickens are still here and so is Princeville’s beach, a spot as picturesque as I’ve ever seen in my travels. Now upgraded to a St. Regis brand, the Princeville Resort has been remodeled extensively. [... more » ]
Recently I stayed and played golf in a place I had never heard of. In fact one of my golfing friends said, "Never heard of Edenton, where in North Carolina is that?" And she lives in the state. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Edenton is quiet, historic, you can safely walk everywhere important and the golf is a great deal. [... more » ]