Golf News for Thursday, December 23, 2010
"Golfweek has taken note of not only Fallen Oak's brilliance, but what it brings to the overall Beau Rivage experience," said George P. Corchis, Jr., president of MGM Resorts International's Regional Operations. [... more » ]
"GOLF Magazine and our loyal golfers think alike," said Steve Keating, General Manager of 1757 Golf Club. "Our team works incredibly hard to ensure a 'country-club-for-the-day' atmosphere." [... more » ]
"Galvanizing golf's leaders to ensure the continued vitality of the game is an important venture," said Peter Hill, CEO of BCG. "Billy Casper Golf is honored to help World Golf Foundation lead the way." [... more » ]
Country music star Trace Adkins, who has devoted countless hours entertaining members of the United States military throughout the world, will perform for the amateur and professional contestants of the 2011 Bob Hope Classic, scheduled for Jan. 17-23. [... more » ]
"15 club managers took part this year, and interest for future courses is already extremely encouraging," said Lodewijk Klootwijk, Director - European Golf Course Owners Association. [... more » ]
"Damian is a strong leader who will train and empower his team to deliver a high level of service," said Bob Thompson, General Manager of the Ocean Pines Association. [... more » ]
"Given the busy Pinehurst market where Knollwood does business, we're especially proud to recognize their efforts and honor them as PING's National Fitter of the Year," said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. [... more » ]
"There is no doubt that golf will be better understood and more widely valued as a result of the production and delivery of this groundbreaking work," said Peter Dawson, R&A Chief Executive. [... more » ]
"While golfers - particularly from the U.S. - are trending towards shorter stays, they are planning more of them, or returning for a second visit," said Gordon Schultz, Consortia spokesperson and proprietor of Golf Canada's West. [... more » ]
This week, Golfweek released its 2010 Best Casino Courses list. It's an impressive roster, and what it makes you realize is how good gambling has been for the golf course business. There's a great variety of good-to-great golf courses on this list. And while many of these courses are right next to a casino, a lot of times you don't even think about them being part of a casino property while you're playing them. [... more » ]
Not to sound all uber-hippie, but when I see wind turbines in the distance, I don't see an eyesore. I see a progressive human race trying to lessen their impact on fossil fuels and make the world a cleaner place the best way the know how until we come up with something better. [... more » ]