Golf News for Monday, December 13, 2010
Learn more about owning a GolfTEC Franchise by attending a free webinar. [... more » ]
"The PGA Show is the perfect venue for us to show golf professionals and retailers across the country just what Etonic can do for them today," said Kent Wheeler, director of sales and marketing. [... more » ]
"We are proud of Rickie and this remarkable achievement," said Trion:Z CEO Toru Kamatari. "Trion:Z is pleased he wore our ionic gear during the entire season. We hope we played a small part in his success." [... more » ]
"It has been quite a while since we have seen this much of an interest in one particular head," said Alvin Cruz, VP of Sales for Integra Golf, "We have already sold over 5,000 units in the first few weeks." [... more » ]
"The new owners are thrilled to have LochenHeath open again and are committed to restoring it," said Husby who has earned a reputation as a turn-around specialist for troubled golf properties. [... more » ]
"It was thrilling to speak and to participate in the students' presentations of the semester-long case study," said Keegan, author of the textbook "The Business of Golf - What Are You Thinking?" [... more » ]
"Our mission will always be to deliver a supreme experience for every visitor, from the moment they arrive through to the time they leave," said Ross Robertson, Director of Golf Operations at Elea Estate. [... more » ]
"Just because the courses are closed it doesn't mean you can't get a fix of golf," said Steve Sayers, PGA Pro at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre. "Don't let your golf get rusty in the snowy weather." [... more » ]
It was a crazy 2010 in golf. While we might not be able to predict who's going to win the majors each year - or what Tiger Woods' next swing will look like - there is one constant in the sport: Each year brings a new generation of longer, straighter, cooler, and (usually) more expensive golf equipment. Here's the best of the best from our 2010 testing ... [... more » ]
Dave Pelz's NASA-like research into golf is the stuff of legend. He puts the statistics he's gathered through his research, his golf schools and reader surveys at to good use in his latest book, "Dave Pelz's Golf Without Fear: How to Play the 10 most Feared Shots in Golf with Confidence." [... more » ]