Golf News for Tuesday, October 5, 2010
"Why use a tiny little alignment line when the player can rely on a large easy to use L shape to simplifying the process?" said Dan Ridgway, Manager of Product Creation at Flatstick Golf. [... more » ]
"We're thrilled with the success we have had throughout this year with our new line-up and we are looking forward to a strong finish," said Pat McCoy, Director of Technical Services for Fujikura Composites. [... more » ]
"Our new mobile Web and iPhone/iPod Touch app offering provides our customers with the most innovative and seamless purchasing experiences," said Marty Hanaka, Chairman and CEO of Golfsmith. [... more » ]
"South Africa is home to some 504 golf courses and we are delighted with the fact that we can offer a complete solution to golfers and golf courses alike," said Wayne de Jager, director - iPLay GPS. [... more » ]
"Jill's exceptional track record of improving corporate efficiency and positively affecting the bottom-line makes her a fantastic addition to our team," said Jim Bailey, Managing Partner of ICS. [... more » ]
"Winning the section award for Merchandiser of the Year is extremely rewarding and gratifying. My staff works really hard all season to earn a reputation for the nicest merchandise," said Marshall. [... more » ]
"The diversity of the student population makes the Orlando campus a unique place to further an education. Since I started with the Academy in August 1991, I have had the privilege to work with so many international students who bring their distinctive culture to the campus and make the student experience very special," said Brad Turner, campus director at Golf Academy of America Orlando. [... more » ]
"With the average private club member gaining a great deal of experience online, every day, clubs should be looking at ways to expand the reach of their benefits and services," said Ready. [... more » ]
Roy Nix, Executive Director of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP), the world leader in the advancement of custom clubfitting and clubmaking, reports that four-time Long Drive Champion Kevin Bullard was a big hit at the AGCP Demo Day on Wednesday, as was Jimmy Sharpe at the Member Sponsor Dinner Thursday evening. [... more » ]
The 2010 Ryder Cup captain’s picks played a bigger role than anyone could have imagined, after rain caused a major format change causing each player to play at least three matches, including one foursomes match. Having scrutinized both Captain’s picks when announced, it’s only fair to follow up on their performances this weekend. [... more » ]
I didn't just test the new Sunice Superlite Pullover. I trashed it as best I could - playing golf in a monsoon at Ballyliffin, hurricane force winds at RosaPenna and ferocious 5-minute squalls at Portsalon. Thankfully, the pullover held its own through it all. It's still alive and well in my closet, ready to become a regular part of my golf trip rotation. [... more » ]