Golf News for Monday, October 18, 2010
"Golf continues to be one of the world's top sports, attracting passionate viewers and participants across the globe," said Duccio Donati, Executive Vice President, Comcast International Media Group. [... more » ]
In addition to being the largest purse in Africa, the challenge is commited to the environment. There has been a big push on to make the tournament the "greenest" in the Southern Hemisphere. [... more » ]
"'Back to the Future' is the central theme of this year's conference," said EGCOA Director, Lodewijk Klootwijk. "The last two years have been tough ones for many people, and the golf industry has been no exception." [... more » ]
"The idea of the Karma Scented Grip spawned from the idea that different fragrances could be mixed into rubber and each scent would provide a different therapeutic benefit," said Technical Director Jeff Summitt. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to receive this award from Northern California Meetings + Events Magazine," said Mark Kendall, President of Kenmark Golf Management, which oversees Half Moon Bay Golf Links. [... more » ]
"In today's economic climate our customers are looking for companies that have the product lines they want and who make it easy for them to do business with," said Jeff Waller, national sales director. [... more » ]
"Many golfers have been longing for a reliable yet user-friendly way to analyze and improve their putting strokes," said Jay Russo, managing director of PuttingShark and P3ProSwing. [... more » ]
"What you get from 'My Personal Golf Trainer,' more than anything else, is feedback," said David Leadbetter, coach to countless PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour players. [... more » ]
If you're obsessed with golf, you’d be hard-pressed to beat PGA National Resort & Spa, the home of the PGA Tour's Honda Classic. Not only does it have five terrific golf courses all in one location, but there are two top-flight golf schools, tour-level clubfitting services and a fitness program specifically designed to get the most out of your golf game. [... more » ]
My 8-year-old son and I find using the Vari-Break way more entertaining than just your average round of putting practice indoors on a flat mat. It’s fun to create new scenarios: From swooping three-footers with big breaks to double-breakers the entire length of the mat. If you can master the Vari-Break, you should be more confident in the ability to make more putts on the course. [... more » ]
"We, at Antigua, have high standards," said Sean Gregg, head designer for Antigua Group. "Being recognized in this way means that the continued hard work is recognized by those in the industry." [... more » ]