Golf News for Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Acquiring the PGA Tour license was predicated on Antigua's long-standing reputation as a genuine golf brand and allows Antigua to continue service to PGA Tour events and expands Antigua's reach. [... more » ]
"This weekend, True Temper shafts won 100 percent of the Top 10 money positions, with eight of the pros playing True Temper branded shafts," said Scott Hennessy, president and CEO of True Temper Sports. [... more » ]
"As the next generation of our extremely successful line of Idea irons, the Pro Black set has already proven itself on Tour and received high marks from golf enthusiasts," said Chip Brewer, Adams Golf president and CEO. [... more » ]
The slim form features an exclusive, soft neoprene handle and six-way top divider. With a paddle-activated stand built into the top of the bag, a Swivelmax double strap and ergonomic hip pad. [... more » ]
"Anytime the AJGA is able to play our championships on courses that have hosted such storied events, it's a great opportunity," said American Junior Golf Association Executive Director Stephen Hamblin. [... more » ]
"Once golfers get instant feedback from the system about what their feet should do, there is a much better chance that they will make the necessary corrections," said Mike Malaska, Nicklaus Golf Academies. [... more » ]
"We offer affordable golf photography and make use of current multimedia technologies to provide web site enhancements that generate traffic and boost sales," said Dave Sansom, President, Laurelwood Productions. [... more » ]
The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals Masters are not only those who achieve the most but those who give back the most. They earn the honor of being called a Master. [... more » ]
"He's the perfect ambassador for the Earth ED ball. His personality and professionalism make him a great addition to our Team of Staff Professionals," said William Carey, VP of Sales for Dixon Golf. [... more » ]
"The PGA of America is excited to be here in partnership with Southworth Development, as we create the first PGA Village outside the United States," said PGA of American President Jim Remy. [... more » ]
"The buying process is a purely emotional and an impulsive one. If they see something they like, they buy it. Promotions tap into this part of the brain," said Ken Morton, Jr., author of the new book. [... more » ]
Prince Edward Island is a great golf destination during the spring, summer and fall. Golfpac Travel is pleased to offer you the opportunity to discover Canada's "hidden golf destination", Prince Edward Island! [... more » ]
GAIN couples community programs and other resources to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to become involved in the game of golf by involving them in the social aspects of the game. [... more » ]
"First Book is thankful for the support of Daphne's Headcovers to bring wonderful books and timeless stories to children in need," said Kyle Zimmer, corporate lawyer and founder of First Book. [... more » ]
I had the good fortune of eating at the Barrio Cafe during a recent Arizona golf trip, and I was blown away. If you are looking for cookie-cutter, uber-spicy TexMex fare, do not even set foot in Barrio. If, however, you’re looking for authentic Mexican food typical of the cuisine from Mexico City and southward, you are in for an amazing treat. [... more » ]
Why would a person start trying to use a golf swing such as something called a Stack and Tilt? Which, if you haven’t already heard - is just another invented golf swing that was dreamed up by a couple of snake oil salesman preying on desperate Golfers - that somehow became the latest "hot" thing to do for all of about 5 minutes. [... more » ]