Golf News for Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Twenty-three players participating this week at Canterbury own 41 major championships, beginning in 1963 with Bob Charles' British Open victory, the first major triumph by a left-hander in golf history. [... more » ]
"Obviously, Danny is an exciting young player with a strong resume; the John Deere Classic is proud to provide him with an opportunity to challenge himself," said the tournament's director Clair Peterson. [... more » ]
"Shot consistency and accuracy are the true benchmarks for successful steel shaft designs and True Temper shafts repeatedly set the industry standards," said Scott Hennessy, president of True Temper Sports. [... more » ]
"The Motore F1 series is making a major impact on Tour, and the pros playing this breakthrough shaft provide the powerful link between Fujikura and our OEM partners." said Mike Sposa, Fujikura Tour Representative. [... more » ]
"The OC-IIs were met with such excitement at the PGA Show in January that we have already pre-sold our first two shipments," said Jennifer King, President of KZG. "A mid-handicapper's ideal club." [... more » ]
"I've done so much for the other contestants," Brian Skatell said. "That is two people they don’t have to worry about. I’m doing all the work and they were doing all the watching." [... more » ]
Golfing Magazine is pleased to announce that it will be reviewing and testing the latest Golf Balls in their "Hands On" section in its Summer issue. Companies are invited to submit their products for evaluation. [... more » ]
"The Old American Golf Club focuses on emulating design techniques from the great American courses that were designed with strategic interest as the foundation," said Tripp Davis, course designer. [... more » ]
"The new website is comprehensive and will provide visitors with the information they need to learn more about Roatan, Pristine Bay Resort and The Black Pearl Golf Course," said Mario Toriello, VP of Sales and Marketing. [... more » ]
"For our professional club fitters, the AMT Shaft Stabilizer will help them to build their reputations and, more importantly, generate repeat customers," said John Cranston, Balance-Certified Vice President. [... more » ]
The Marriott International Family Golf Festival, which encourages parents and children to learn and play the game together, invites families to Hawk's Landing Golf Club for an afternoon of free golf activities. [... more » ]
All 24 models of the C-Groove Yes! Golf putters are part of this season opening promotion. The free towel is 16" X 24" and is available in black or pink with the signature Yes! Golf logo embroidered on it. [... more » ]
The online tee time marketing solutions designed by ActiveGolf will enable Diamond Links Golf Club to increase rounds and revenue, increase event & outing business and fill the off-peak gaps in their tee sheet. [... more » ]
"Receiving strong international support is very important in widening the overall scope of our organization," said Paul Foley, Executive Director of the Golf Course Builders Association of America. [... more » ]
My new "Wolfrum Alpha" the newest and most important golf blog research tool in the history of humankind. It promises to be the most important tool ever for golf bloggers and golf fans. Of course, it’s no "Wolfram Alpha," but we're getting there. [... more » ]
You could work this a couple of ways. If you're a dad, get one of your golfing kids to bring you. Or bring your own dad. Heck, if you work it right, you could bring your dad and a brother and one of your kids who play golf and only pay two green fees. [... more » ]