Golf News for Thursday, March 5, 2009
With the successful launch of The Haney Project, GOLF CHANNEL continues its strong momentum in 2009, which has included record-setting viewership for PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour events, as well as unprecedented Web traffic for [... more » ]
"We love to know people are listening whether they play golf or not, and because we stream live on the internet, we get e-mails from all over the world," said Kenny Nairn, Golf Director at Celebration Golf Club. [... more » ]
"The reputations of the tournament courses and host resort are tremendous, and we look forward to providing a first-class experience for our Amateur Tour members," said Kenny Booth, director of events for Golf Channel. [... more » ]
"Our YS+ shafts have been widely accepted on the PGA Tour for years," said Tim Gillis, VP, sales and marketing, Graphite Design. "The champion used a YS+ Hybrid Shaft to manage the unruly winds and win the event." [... more » ]
"Grafalloy is one of the most successful shaft brands in the world, and the winning heritage has been achieved with a strong commitment to constant innovation," said Don Brown, product development manager. [... more » ]
With the design of Nike Golf's Quad Keel Sole in the new SQ DYMO and SQ DYMO² Fairway Woods, the potential for turf drag is eliminated and the benefits of having a larger club head is maximized. [... more » ]
"It's a testament to the Epoch's performance when top finishers at tournaments all over the world select and succeed using our tee," said B.J. Maloy, Evolve Golf Founder and Chief Executive Officer. [... more » ]
"You can't explain this (the experience). You have to do it yourself," Lungo said. "When you're standing on the mat in front of people and cameras are filming and all that stuff is going on, it's a great feeling." [... more » ]
The intimate scale of the event presents a rare opportunity for guests to meet and socialize with the most respected, knowledgeable and creative individuals in the golf, art and wine industries. [... more » ]
"We are dedicated to making this group of worldwide clubmakers as strong as possible. They have my full support," said Mike Tait, SMT Golf Inc. President and Club Designer. [... more » ]
"Golf has been important to Moët & Chandon for many years, both in Europe and globally and we are delighted to continue," said James Cockeram, Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Europe. [... more » ]
"Our partnerships represent an important opportunity for Chase Paymentech to provide value to a variety of merchants through innovative relationships," said Greg Schaub, Executive VP for Chase Paymentech. [... more » ]
"It is remarkable when you look back upon all the great European players that he is the first European-born player since 1937 to win the Vardon Trophy," said Joe Steranka, CEO of the PGA of America. [... more » ]
"These eight PGA Professionals now will have their names forever inscribed in the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame for having been leaders in making golf the greatest game," said PGA President Jim Remy. [... more » ]
"The GCSANJ Foundation's continued support of the Robert Trent Jones Endowment Fund has been remarkable and is commendable," said GCSAA CEO Mark Woodward, CGCS. [... more » ]
Every Golfer that has ever swung a golf club has at least one compensation in their golf swing. Though, to be more blunt and honest - most Golfers have a lot more than just one compensation – they have what we call Compensation Overload. [... more » ]
Today is the day of our independence, my friends. Tiger Woods is playing golf again. And nothing else matters. Just like the old days. [... more » ]