Golf News for Monday, March 23, 2009
"As we continue to increase our product offerings and availability around the world, we've experienced a very positive response from retailers," said Keri Murschell, company founder and principal designer. [... more » ]
"GCA members have advised every conceivable kind of golf business over the last ten years," said Ian Bulleid, Association Chairman. "Now more than ever, our friends in the golf industry need to get the right advice." [... more » ]
"This relationship allows both companies to complement each other's strengths and concentrate on their individual core capabilities," said Oscar Feldenkreis, President and COO, Perry Ellis International. [... more » ]
"We have seen significant growth in our account base throughout the start of this year," said Rick White, CEO of Imperial Headwear. "We believe our success is directly related to our innovative products." [... more » ]
"We have seen Celebration's success in the South and watched its growth as a major player in the bermudagrass market," said Pike Creek's owner Jimmy Allen. "We think we can help." [... more » ]
"We couldn't be happier about partnering with Kendall Academy, one of the best teaching facilities in the state if not the country," said Terry Sack, General Manager of The Meadows Golf Club. [... more » ]
All three courses were designed and built around a concept and theme that architect Shearon described as minimalistic, strategic and affordable. All offer a challenging, enjoyable and affordable golf experience. [... more » ]
Grand National and Capitol Hill selected Crescent in 2003 and 2004, and are part of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Paa-ko Ridge is an 18- hole privately-owned public golf course designed by Ken Dye. [... more » ]
Compare, whose alter eager 'Divot the Clown, the World's Greatest Golfing Clown,' will present a special one hour Golf Trick Shot Exhibition as part of the PGA of America's "Play Golf America Day". [... more » ]
"The CartLink really is a great way for a club to not only add a new amenity, but also increase its revenue. It truly will pay for itself," said Wayne Timberman, vice president of Laser Link Golf. [... more » ]
Davies has served as General Manager and COO of the Wianno Club since February 2008. Prior to this appointment he served as General Manager and COO of Heritage Club in Mason, OH, from 2000 to 2008. [... more » ]
Mickey Rudd will handle Pro Specialty Shop distribution along the west coast and central territories of Florida. Mark Goad's main responsibility with be Sporting Goods distributions, but also Pro Specialty distribution. [... more » ]
"Caddying was hard work, but it taught me about life's challenges and the sense of accomplishment," said Reynolds. "Caddying also opened my mind to the pleasures of the game of golf." [... more » ]
Guests at the Niagara Falls hotel have the choice of golfing at two of four handpicked golf courses including Grand Niagara, Legends on the Niagara, Whirlpool Golf Course, and John Daly's Thundering Waters. [... more » ]
Just in time for Myrtle Beach’s annual peak spring season, Pine Lakes Country Club is back online and ready to play in the heart of Myrtle Beach. I was given a tour of the club last August, led by designer Craig Schreiner, and this was no simple facelift. The course was totally resodded, greens were restored to their original size, bunkers were enhanced, length was added and two brand new holes were built. [... more » ]
But if you happen to Twitter, or Tweet, or whatever the verb is describing this time-sucking activity, then take note: Tour Edge Golf is now on Twitter. [... more » ]