Golf News for Monday, March 16, 2009
Woods and Els Headline Tavistock Cup Neighborhood Rivalry. Lopez, Hull, Armour III and Feherty Witness Barkley's Progress on The Haney Project. [... more » ]
"Adidas Golf is known for delivering world-class products to golfers of all levels," said Dave Ortley, Global Senior Director of Footwear for adidas Golf. "For 2009, we've turned our focus to 'FIT'." [... more » ]
12 of the top 80 players in the world were observed using a Putting Arc on the practice green at Doral during the practice rounds. 10 of these players brought their own Arcs, and two were borrowed. [... more » ]
"Pine Lakes not only holds a special place as a golf legend but also in sports history as the birthplace of Sports Illustrated," said Jim Rosenberg, president and CEO of Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc. [... more » ]
"Golfing is something that I'm familiar with and I know that other people who are beginners or other experts would benefit from a website like this," said Manny Pena, ownter. "We'll continue to add new merchandise." [... more » ]
"We're the epitome of health right now," said Jim Koppenhaver, Pellucid President. "The full-year forecast calls for national GPH to be down 3% so there's still choppy water ahead as it relates to weather." [... more » ]
"We are very pleased to be considered one of the elite courses," said Rupert O'Neal co-founder of Ballyneal. "It's a great honor that speaks to the extraordinary golf experience being offered at Ballyneal." [... more » ]
"I feel privileged to work with a great guy like Keith. He is a special talent with his best years ahead of him. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship," said Paskievitch. [... more » ]
With a year-round mild climate, golf packages providing huge value, miles of Bent and Bermuda grasses, and impeccably kept greens, Virginia Beach's golf courses create the perfect setting for the ideal spring golf escape. [... more » ]
Available for rental during Ryder Cup 2010 - fully furnished house, bedding/towels included, American fridge freezer, dishwasher/washer/dryer etc. Can sleep 8.(three double/king beds). [... more » ]
It is so important to understand “why” you play golf. The answer to the question then starts to set your expectations and your actions. It is a concept that sent me on a different path and has been a staple of my golf instruction ever since. [... more » ]
We just posted a new Planet Putter column of mine over at International travel tips for you next golf vacation. The column has already generated a couple responses from some other fellow travel writers who offer their own tips. [... more » ]
"We're really excited to help support Brendon and his Little Linksters program," said Ed Lemire, apparel maker Basic Golf's President. "Introducing kids to golf at a young age is important." [... more » ]
"The Environmental Institute for Golf's research, education and technological advancements have resulted in positive results for golf's association with the environment," said Greg Norman, Institute trustee. [... more » ]