Golf News for Friday, February 6, 2009
The Championship is historically one of the most sought-after tickets in major championship golf. Pre-registrants are guaranteed the opportunity to purchase event tickets before the general public. [... more » ]
Golf Channel will premiere a first-of-its kind documentary revealing the story of the little known, but rich history of African-Americans who were forbidden to play golf at its highest level. [... more » ]
For the first time, contestants on Big Break will compete for cash - $100,000 to be exact - that can provide the winner a means to finance their dream of playing on a Tour for an entire year. [... more » ]
"With these results, we feel, now, more than ever, Golf Fitness Magazine and Golf Fitness are on the cutting edge," said Steve Gomen, Publisher of Golf Fitness Magazine. [... more » ]
"Women are purchasing our headwear because they are looking for it and understand the Gogie Girl difference," said Vicky Waldorf co-founder of Gogie Girl Women's Headwear. [... more » ]
"This annual event is always a hit with golfers and non-golfers, alike," said Carl Wilgus, President and CEO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau. "Golfers are extremely passionate about the sport." [... more » ]
"Jobs in Golf Month serves as the stimulus to remind people of the jobs and resources The PGA makes available on our online employment center," said Kathy Wilkes, director of employment services for The PGA of America. [... more » ]
"Golf is a major economic driver in Florida, with approximately 1,300 golf courses employing 56,000 people and generating $1.4 billion in wage income," said Joe Steranka, Chief Executive Officer of The PGA. [... more » ]
"The addition of The GolfWorks to our worldwide network of SST Licensees significantly improves the availability of our technology to a wide audience," said Gary Sheppard, Director of Business Development for SST. [... more » ]
"It became obvious in the past couple of weeks discussing with the senior players who will be the nucleus of the team that it was my time," said Montgomerie. "I am very proud and honored." [... more » ]
"It is because of the thousands of women like Tyra who give freely of their time and talents that the EWGA continues to thrive. They share a passion for the game," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the EWGA. [... more » ]
"The new website is an important part of our strategy for 2009," said Brian Phillips, co-director of Niblick. "I'm particularly excited about the blog as I think it'll provide an insider's view of the business." [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to have Swing by bette & court be part of 2009 Ketel One Cup and provide team members with fashionable and functional apparel," said LPGA T&CP Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Andrea Starkey. [... more » ]
"While summer was highlighted by the unveiling of our brand new, championship golf course; every day offers the possibility of magic with gaming," said Tom McChesney, Island Resort & Casino General Manager. [... more » ]
Another day, another Tiger Woods update. He's going full bore in practice sessions, his knee is stronger than ever, surgery hasn't changed his swing. But I'm just wondering if it's possible to put too much on Woods' formidable shoulders. [... more » ]
A warning to all bad golfers out there: golf courses use yardage markers. Should your ball ricochet off one of these markers and, say, blind you, you aren't entitled to damages. Of course, that's for the courts to decide now. [... more » ]