Golf News for Friday, February 20, 2009
"The PGA show was a huge success as The Putting Game received an overwhelming positive response from all segments of the golf industry ," said Fred Knecht, Director of Sales and Marketing. [... more » ]
"We opened numerous accounts, enjoyed our best order-writing show to date, and are excited to begin shipping the new line to golf shops next week," said Karen Lovcik, CEO of Glove It. [... more » ]
"When does your turf need water? How much does it need? When and what type of fertilizers are necessary? How can you eliminate disease before it happens? UgMO knows, and UgMO users will, too," said Gary Player. [... more » ]
"By incorporating this new Variable Frame Thickness (VFT) Technology we've created the highest Smash Factor driver on the market", said Dr. Jim Yeh founder and chief designer of Alpha Golf. [... more » ]
"We felt there was a need for a high performance putter family that could be adjusted to fit the golfer instead of making the golfer fit the putter," said John "Sandy" Reese, Reeso VFX inventor. [... more » ]
"The water savings that could run as high as 100 percent in those turf areas that will be eliminated or returned to native plantings," said Don King, Barona Creek's executive director of golf operations. [... more » ]
"The opportunity to see young men and women play the game and who may have an interest in a career in the golf industry certainly fulfills our mission," said Chris Hunkler, Golf Academy of America president. [... more » ]
"The membership, management and staff at Kinloch Golf Club are honored to have the USGA select our club to host the 2011 Senior Amateur Championship," said Phil Owenby, director of operations. [... more » ]
Jack Nicklaus Sportswear has presented Rob Stofflet and Kirk Leazier with the esteemed 2008 Sales Rep of the Year Award for their hard work and exceptional dedication to the Nicklaus brand. [... more » ]
"I have been performing my show for almost 15 years and I feel that I have just begun," said Johncke. He recently performed for excited crowds at the North Coast Golf Show in Chicago. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to have been selected to create a signature door for one of the most respected resort and golf complexes in America," said Ed Duddy, president of Affinity Doors. [... more » ]
Rodney Bliss Jr., Dick Bruns, John Liechty, Steve Spray and Betty Thye will be inducted into the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place at Glen Oaks Country Club. [... more » ]
"The Creating Futures Charity Golf Classic allows IT executives to jumpstart their networking opportunities at Breakaway," said John Venator, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA Educational Foundation. [... more » ]
Despite the overall decline in golf equipment sales, some golfers are going to buys some new sticks. Chances are, these folks are going to look around for economical deals. And it is precisely the smaller companies that can offer some pretty solid clubs at pretty reasonable prices. I enter into evidence the e-mail I just got from Tour Edge ... [... more » ]
Not since Ben Hogan came back from his near-fatal car accident a half century ago has so much been made of the return of one player to the game. And even then, as remarkable as Hogan’s comeback was, golf was a minor sport by today’s standards, and Hogan did not enjoy (or relish, for that matter) Woods’ worldwide popularity. [... more » ]