Golf News for Thursday, December 3, 2009
"We shortened the hosel on the Prophet Tour Blade so you would be rewarded for hitting the ball where you are supposed to; low and in the middle of the face," said Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. [... more » ]
"The winner has had a very successful year on the LPGA Tour and we are pleased that she has chosen to use our Tour AD shaft during her first career major victory," said Mr. Tak Yamada, VP of Sales & Marketing, Graphite Design. [... more » ]
"The PGA Show has always been a great venue for us to showcase our entire line of products," said Ken Shwartz, CEO, Ahead. "Our first show was in 1996 just selling hats in an 8 x 10 booth." [... more » ]
"This new relationship allows us to reach the thousands of shoppers that don't belong to country clubs but are seeking a fresh, new aesthetic," said Ralph Dunning, company founder. [... more » ]
"We are excited to complete this first step of OnPar's international expansion plan by launching into the Canadian golf market," said Brian York, President and Chief Executive Officer of OnPar. [... more » ]
"Our financing options apply the age old principals of factoring to private and semi-private clubs membership programs," said Charles Kasbee, Managing Partner of MPS. [... more » ]
Beginning in December, The Golf Wish will offer the Days of Glory Golf Journal on their website, giving customers a way to enhance their already popular golf gift card with this quality complementary add-on gift. [... more » ]
"We are very humbled to have the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesteros join Gary Player in supporting the National Golf Club Challenge," said Stacey Jeffries, the National Golf Club Challenge Event Director. [... more » ]
Rated as one of the most talented youngsters to grace the Indian golfing scene in recent times, Ankur Chadha lived up to his reputation with a splendid win in the senior-most Category 'A'. [... more » ]
Which is more important: the fact that our country's highest profile, most highly admired golfer has a sad and serious problem brewing in his personal life or that a pair of smoothies could get close enough to the President of our country to blow him, his vice president and a lot of other upper echelon movers and shakers to bits? [... more » ]
How surprised can we truly be when a handsome superstar, built like Spiderman, absurdly famous, rich beyond measure and almost universally admired, decides to reap the spoils of his position? We can moralize until the next Masters, but take 60 seconds and try to imagine Tiger's world. [... more » ]