Golf News for Wednesday, December 16, 2009
"This is a tremendous honor and validation of the hard work and dedication of our staff and Gene Bates' team that went into making Bayonet and Black Horse two of the best golf courses in the region," says Dick Fitzgerald, project director for owner/operator Seaside Resort Development. [... more » ]
The Territory Golf & Country Club, an award-winning course and residential community near the quaint, progressive town of Duncan, Okla. today announces it has been named to Golfweek's "Top 100 Residential Golf Courses" in America list. [... more » ]
"KemperSports stood out for their excellent track record in managing top-notch courses across the country," said Eric Burton, city of Ventura community services manager. [... more » ]
"The beautifully sculpted angular arms of the new Acer CB7 Putter constitute a high percentage of the club's mass allowing increased perimeter weighting and a high moment of inertia," said Technical Director Jeff Summitt. [... more » ]
"Our data proves new balls and Knetgolf's pre-owned balls are basically interchangeable," said Tony Nelson, President of AGS. "I don't see how the average golfer would notice a difference." [... more » ]
"We are excited to have hand-picked David Wood to join our talented team of PR professionals," says Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. "As a world traveler, he brings a unique prospective to our wide range of clients - golf products, country clubs, five-star resorts and spas, master-planned communities, tourism agencies and others." [... more » ]
"We've been involved with Forest Dunes since its inception and are happy to be back working for one of the purest golf courses in the United States," said Dave Richards, President of Resort and Golf Marketing. [... more » ]
How about a golf lesson, with a certified PGA instructor on the world's most technologically-advanced golf improvement system, that's guaranteed to make a positive improvement on his/her golf game? [... more » ]
"As the Jan. 1 date for the Condition of Competition grooves rule approaches, it's important that golfers distinguish fact from fiction on the rule," said Eidolon Golf President/Founder Terry Koehler. [... more » ]
"The fairways are well-separated and with the deep pot bunkering you can easily imagine that you are playing on one of the historic Scottish links courses," said Verdura's Director of Golf, Niall Cameron. [... more » ]
Chocolate, besides tasting sinfully like dessert has been called an antidepressant, tonifier, stimulant, euphoriant, even an aphrodisiac. The same amount of a pure Lindt 70% dark chocolate bar, has but 110 calories, about 18% of your daily fat, and not much sodium (10 mg). [... more » ]
"Going for the Green: Prepare Your Body, Mind and Swing for Winning Golf" comes from three people who have come together to identify the elements needed for great golf. Swing coach Gary Gilchrist brings the technical expertise. Golf trainer Susan Hill handles the fitness angle, something golfers too often overlook. And mental training expert Jeff Troesch brings the insight into what goes on between the ears. [... more » ]