Golf News for Wednesday, November 18, 2009
"We're not against online retail, but we are against the overcrowding and differences in both price and service that are so common in this sphere," said Club Glove company founder Jeff Herold. [... more » ]
"We want to get involved in those golf developments that have the potential, and willingness, to deliver meaningful benefits to people and the planet," said Jonathan Smith, CEO of Golf Environment Organisation. [... more » ]
"We receive outstanding feedback on our gloves," said Tom Elwell, CEO Etonic Worldwide. "The glove has a unique island thumb technology that ensures the same fit as the first time it is worn." [... more » ]
At the Children's Miracle Network Classic four of the top seven finishers were playing VooDoo shafts including the second place finisher who tied his best finish of the 2009 season using the VooDoo in his Driver. [... more » ]
"We are pleased to be able to offer an extra amenity to all of our guests," said Bruce Gerlander, general manager, Orange County National. "We boast about the added value benefits we offer all our guests." [... more » ]
"This is just a great opportunity to build an old-fashioned golf course. The course looks great and respects the land and tribal traditions of environmental sensitivity," said Jeffrey D. Brauer, partner in the design of the course. [... more » ]
"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take a more active role in the continued growth of one of the longest running stops on the Tour and celebrating 35 years of the LPGA in Springfield," Audra Burks said. [... more » ]
Improve your game under the expert advice of Beverly Fergusson and Sheri Hayes, two of the LPGA's top teachers. They will be bringing their Insight Golf Schools to the Island of Lanai in late Jan. and Feb., 2010. [... more » ]
"The AJGA does an incredible job at not only making them better golfers through the spirit of competition but also well-rounded individuals," said Ken Shwartz, Chief Execitove Officer, AHEAD. [... more » ]
This morning I got three guides, who were decent sticks and even better people. Barry and Dick are both retired from non-golf careers; Craig is in between banking jobs. Most of all, it was apparent they loved golf. Why else would they be course marshals? It can’t be the money or the grief slow golfers give you. [... more » ]
While other swing books might look better, this one is better. The meat of it, the text, is juicier, rich with important details. You might never play like a Tiger on the course, but at least by reading this book you can relate a little better to the world's No. 1 player. [... more » ]