Golf News for Thursday, November 12, 2009
The spectacular night came to a crescendo when Helensburgh local Colin Dalgleish, co-founder of international golf tour operator PerryGolf and former Walker Cup captain, received the inaugural Special Achievement Award. [... more » ]
"The fastest growing style of golfer is a player who benefits from a combo/hybrid set in the super-game improvement category," said Bob Thurman, global director of Research and Development, Wilson Golf. [... more » ]
"What do you get when you combine a vintage Airstream commercial vehicle and the world's state of the art putting analysis equipment?" said Glen Coombe SAM USA Eastern Representative. [... more » ]
"The iPosture Golf-Pro is designed to help golfers enhance their game off the course, so they'll play their best on the course," said Memphis-based neurologist Moacir Schnapp, M.D., creator of the iPosture. [... more » ]
"The South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation brings golf and its many life lessons to young people across the state, and it is my pleasure to help support this fine organization," said Linda Hartough, golf-landscape artist. [... more » ]
"ECCO golf shoes are known worldwide for their premium materials, craftsmanship, style and performance," said PGA of America President Jim Remy. "The company is a trusted friend of PGA Professionals." [... more » ]
"Every facet of the Knetgolf business is experiencing significant year-over-year growth," said Gary Shienfield, CEO of Knetgolf. "This success demonstrates our value proposition and customer loyalty." [... more » ]
"I'm 71 years old, and I've seen way too many of my friends and family eaten up by this terrible disease," says Rich DiMarco, Chris' father, the Tee Up for Life tournament director and also a cancer survivor. [... more » ]
"I will need to impress Landi, especially with Gary Player, Angel Cabrera and Retief Goosen in the field," said South African rocker Ard Matthews, referring to his girlfriend, the SA model Landi Swanepoel. [... more » ]
David Barrett's book, Golf's Dream 18s, is the most creative book about golf holes ever conceived. It's the best combination of photography and text in one package about the subject as I've ever seen. [... more » ]
I'm convinced every woman in Thailand is a Ph.D-level masseuse. Or maybe its just in their genes. Thai caddies put the country over the top as a golf destination. They speak spotty English, their green reads are hit-and-miss, and the yardage they give you is more of a ballpark figure. But does the mid-handicap, traveling golfer want precise yardage - or a smiling face with hands of gold? [... more » ]